Frank Salinas New Thank You Ad Network Give Free Traffic For Life

I just became a founding member of Frank Salinas new “Thank You Ad Network” and it is already driving traffic to my sites.  The way this works is by adding a simple code to your “Thank You” pages of download pages.  For example, when someone opts into your website or squeeze page, they should be taken to a thank you page that has the content that was promised to them.  Here is where the additional offers or suggested items should also be added.

Why would you want to add more stuff to your thank you page?  Providing more value to your customers is rule number one, and it also provides you with a means to obtain more affiliate commissions.

Take a look at what this live sample looks like.  You can add this anywhere you would add code…it is not limited to just thank you or download pages.

Live Sample 1

Live Sample 2

Now if you notice from these two, you can easily change the settings in regards to border colors and designs.  You can even leave a blank border if desired on your page.  The choice is really up to you…Guess how long it took to make these?  Just about 10 seconds each.

Disclaimer: Your ad might not actually appear on the one showing up, but when you click on any of the ads, a script opens up with the Thank You Ad Network as the main page and the selected ad being present.  Where you earn commissions is on the banner ads that could be yours or the referral of a new members to the network.

When other people put the code on their pages, you could get traffic from them as well and thus it balances you out over time.  You will be getting free traffic to your sites for as long as the codes are online, which hypothetically is forever as many people will set their pages up and leave them be without updating them.

Chec out the Thank You Ad Network here:

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