The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine focuses on building your brand and business through small actions consistently. Over time, small actions compound into large growth in many ways.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine

If you read a recent post of mine about how to Practice Daily Discipline, then“The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine is something you need to pick up and start reading.

I recently started this book and just like compounding interest works on money small investments month after month to bring exponential growth to your investments, so does taking little actions in your business in small manners like a blog post daily, reaching out to clients or subscribers through phone and email, purchasing advertising and other actions you can easily take.

It is not 50-50

The one interesting part that stuck out already as I read “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy of Success Magazine is that when you are investing, learning or building a business, the responsibility always is focused on YOU.  If the investment fails, or if you did not learn enough and did not take action and therefor saw no positive results, the only one you have to blame is yourself.

In an online marketing course for example, people often want to blame the course or the instructor for not giving them the right tools they need to be successful, though it really comes down to what efforts they actually put into implementing what they learned and how successful they actually became.

So there is no partial blame on the instructor. You have to take 100% ownership of your efforts if you want to succeed.  This might include doing some extra research to see if it is even worth your time investing in a course and whether or not it fits your goals at that time.

Grab The Compound Effect at Amazon

You can grab The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy at Amazon here

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Take Action Revise Daily is one of the things I live by and you need to TARL consistently.  Put stuff out there to be seen and you can always go back and fix it later.  Imperfect action always beats out perfect inaction so make sure you are putting your work and your efforts out there to be seen, otherwise NO ONE will know that your work exists, which really comes down to NO ONE being able to join you or purchase your products!

Remember, you have to take 100% of the blame for your success and your failure!  I am not saying you can’t be grateful for those you learned from, as you should be, though it really comes down to your implementation, consistency and persistence through your journey in business.

Go make it happen and take some action today!

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Addicted to Information

I sat and watched a quick 5 minute video the other day by Mike Dillard about information overload and finally took the plunge(r) and flushed many of my emails down the internet drain.  If you are like me and are addicted to information, it is easy to try and sign up for everybody’s list to find out the next best thing to hit the market that will be sure to make your business the best out there and be able to rake in a boat load of cash.  The problem is there really are some great products out there that I want to work with.  Lack of time though has kept me from maximizing some of the products I got as promos or those I personally paid for.  I have gone through many of them with others in line, but the addiction continues as I get slaughtered on the inbox front with hundreds of emails each day.

I finally made good on my recurring thought to unsubscribe from many of the lists I was on as they seemed to be sending me this way and that way everyday to some other product that was going to make my business the best out there and be able to rake in a boat load of cash!  Sound familiar?  So this past weekend, I think I might have unsubscribed from about 50 lists, while I try to pick a few more each day as they come  in.  I haven’t read many of them in months anyways with the exception of a few marketers, who give me content each time and not just a pitch.  It is these wise ones who will stay with my inbox and I will continue to read when I get them as they seem to have the most value and are not just out to get a buck for themselves.

Regardless of whether or not you have heard of Mike Dillard, he is one of the Marketers I will continue to read. As I said above, he put together a 5 minute video on Information Overload you might find interesting for his Whats Working Now program that is coming out soon.  I seem to have spent too much time in the past on all this email and now that I am getting less, I have time to do what matters such as Blogging (hence you are able to read this) and working “on” my business instead of being someone wo just claims to be working “in” the business.  As BobTheTeacher taught me and I have written on a piece of paper in my pocket (that falls apart every few weeks!) I like to follow his TARL idea of Take Action Revise Later.  As a teacher myself, this is a great idea.  If you do not act and make adjustments to those actions as time goes on, you will never get anything done.  So you could say my Whats Working Now theme is TARL!  We all want an endless stream of traffic coming with no or minimal efforts, but the reality is that there is no reality in that.  Action must occur in order to attract people to your sites.

Check out Mike’s video and give it a quick watch at –> Whats Working Now and get back to me and let me know your thoughts on information overload and the TARL idea.

I realize of course I will continue to buy products or try out free ones and get on people lists, but a suggestion I have to you is to get your lists organized and determine which ones are just making for internet clutter in your inbox and plunge them yourselves.

Whats Working Now-Mike Dillard


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