7 office upgrades to help make a difference

7 Office Upgrades that are Sure to Make a Difference


7 Office Upgrades that are Sure to Make a Difference

If you're looking for a way to make your office more comfortable and enjoyable, the following seven upgrades are sure to provide some relief. They can also help increase productivity by making it easier for employees to be effective in their jobs.

1) Lunch area

Provide a place where employees can eat lunch comfortably - Lunchtime is often an opportunity for people to take care of themselves while recharging during the workday. When employees feel awkward or uncomfortable eating (e.g., no designated space), this time becomes less productive and relaxing than it could otherwise be. One simple upgrade would be providing a small table with chairs so that staff members have somewhere quiet, private, and comfortable to sit down and enjoy their food without feeling rushed or hungry. While this may seem like a minor upgrade, it can significantly impact the quality of people's days.

2) Air Purifier

Add commercial air purifiers to offices - The average person spends most of their time indoors, and the indoor environment has been found to be up to 100 times more polluted than the outdoor one. If you don't have a ventilation system that filters for particles in your office (or if it's old), then this is an upgrade worth considering. Commercial Air Purification Services can help improve your employees' health by keeping them away from allergens, particulates, dust mites, animal dander, pet hair, and other airborne pollutants.

3) Lighter Color Scheme

Paint the office in light colors - A lighter color scheme can have a number of benefits. It will make your employees happier and more energetic, it's less taxing on their eyes during long hours at work. Studies show that people can stay engaged for more extended periods when lighter shades surround them.

If you want to go even further with this upgrade, consider installing natural lighting too! There is evidence that working under artificial light all day causes multiple health problems, including headaches or depression, which could be alleviated if you provide enough natural light sources throughout the office space. Natural light also creates an environment where co-workers feel welcome and comfortable (instead of closed off).

4) Management Software

Implement management software - If you're tired of relying on spreadsheets, then this upgrade is for you. Management software will help your employees spend less time managing their tasks and more time actually working on them. Implementing a program can also make it easier to keep track of projects by providing project metrics that show an overview of how the work is progressing, so managers don't have to check in with team members or micromanage their workloads constantly.

5) Ergonomic desks and chairs

Provide ergonomic desks and chairs. Even though it may seem like an insignificant detail, a person's physical environment can have a massive impact on their productivity. A study found that the majority of people find sitting in this position more comfortable.

When employees are supplied with proper desk height (or adjustable ones), back support, armrests, and easy access to items they need (e.g., pens or paper), they can stay focused longer than if these things weren't present. In addition, having a more supportive chair will prevent the neck from getting tired due to the head leaning forward all day which is often caused by uncomfortable seating conditions as well.

6) Include Plants

Add plants to your office - The presence of plants can have many benefits for employees. For example, it improves mood because the surroundings appear more natural and pleasant; it reduces stress levels by providing a dependable source of oxygen that helps people feel calmer. Studies show they may even improve workplace performance when strategically placed in certain areas (e.g., near meeting rooms).

7) Gym/Workout space

Take a break from work with an exercise routine - A lot of companies are adding gym or workout space to their establishment and for a good reason. Working out can improve productivity levels because it releases endorphins that reduce stress, increase energy levels, and help the brain maintain focus on tasks rather than wandering off into mindless distractions.

With these four upgrades, your office space may feel lighter and happier! You'll be able to enjoy your lunchtime again while feeling refreshed after eating; know when pollutants are floating around without having a complicated ventilation system; save money from hiring someone else to update spreadsheets because all task management will be done by the software, and have more time to focus on work instead of managing tasks. After all, your employees are the lifeblood of your business, ensure they are well taken care of, and they'll make sure your business is as well!

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