7 Ways to more content

7 Ways To Build Momentum In Your Content Marketing

7 Ways To Build Momentum In Your Content Marketing

A well-executed content marketing strategy is the key to building audiences and customers. But constantly coming up with new content can be an ongoing task, which is why you need a bit of inspiration from time to time. 

If you’re looking to boost your marketing strategy, consider the following to put a spring in your content marketing step.

Appear on a podcast

Most people listen to podcasts, whether for work or entertainment. A popular podcast with an engaged following is a huge asset to any organization. A great way to get your name out there and piggyback on the promotional campaign is to appear on a podcast. It will expose your brand to a new potential audience and build your profile. If you’re not familiar with the podcasts in your sector, do some research to find out the best ones to approach. 

If you’re new to the world of podcasting, take a look at the article What Is A Podcast And How Do They Work? on Podcast Insights. You never know, you might catch the podcasting bug yourself. 

Get your audience involved

User-generated content is a great way to build engagement for very little cost. Research by Shopify found that ads with UGC generated clickthroughs up to four times higher than average. Encouraging your social media followers to share videos, images, and posts. Create a catchy hashtag for your campaign and offer some kind of incentive to get traction. 

Get blogging

If you’re not utilizing blogs yet, then you really are missing a content marketing trick to attract customers and improve your SEO. Blogs can be repurposed for various platforms and even video, so a little effort can go a long way and you aren’t under the pressure of churning out blog after blog. Get clever with your evergreen content and let it do a lot of the work for you. 

Personalize your content

This is a tactic being used by many brands to increase customer loyalty and increase engagement. From email personalization to personalized product recommendations, this added level of sophistication in your marketing can improve your content marketing considerably. In research, it was shown that approximately 70% of millennials get frustrated with irrelevant emails. 

Learn to tell a story

Storytelling in marketing is a true skill. People are compelled by stories, whether that’s the story of your brand, your product, or employees. Stories give your marketing personality and build connections with your audience. 

Engage with current trends

Following and engaging with current trends and pop culture references is a great way to keep your brand current and tap into the social zeitgeist. Choose your topics carefully though and stay away from potentially risky subjects (unless it’s an area you’re involved in). 

Work with influencers

Finding a number of influencers and micro-influencers that resonate with your target audience is a great way to build engagement. It’s not only for consumer products either. B2B companies can also use influencers with great success. 


Building a successful content marketing strategy takes creativity and consistency. Don’t be afraid to change things up if they aren’t working and explore other content channels. 

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