Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula

People have been building businesses for many years by numerous methods.  The big question is what is the easiest ways to get it done?

While there some be some ways that are easier than others there are also the one that have been time tested to work horribly:

  • The three feet rule and prospecting everyone within your reach
  • Your 100 (or 300 list) writing down the names of everyone you have ever met
  • Cold calling 
  • ...I am sure you get my point and have some others going through your mind right now that you hated doing

There is an easier way, one without the headaches of what was mentioned above where you an have people reaching out to you to learn more about you and your company.

Too often people just follow what the upline shares with them (and that upline might just be following what was told to them as they don't know any better in some cases and might be new as well)

Just bring in two who bring in two who bring in two, right!?

Those sound easy but rarely continue to be duplicated.  You end up with a rock star now and again, but likely a lot of duds who do not know to actually put in some work and effort into their business growth.

The Attraction Marketing Formula changes everything and helps remove the rejection failure from going away from those archaic recruiting practices of the past.

Obviously there is still going to be work involved and you can't show up to anything and just expect the money to follow.  Not unless you're deeply sleeping in a dream or fantasy.

Now this is something that has been around and growing even more since the early 2000, when Mike Dillard launched his Magnetic Sponsoring business which help change the industry for the better, over time Tim Erway and Ferny Ceballos took it over and evolved it into the Elite Marketing Pro system which is now formerly known as the Attraction Marketing Formula.

It's all about being the hunted instead doing all the hunting.  You want the targeted clients/customers/reps to be coming to you with money in hand ready to buy your products and services.

The key word in that last sentence was the idea of "targeted"!

If you do not have a target market you will waste a ton of money.  Slapping the old school marketing techniques in the face, everyone is NOT your prospect.  You want those who need and want your content and products.

For example this past weekend I had a tent up and was vending lacrosse products from books to training shafts and more.  Now while some of these players were very excited to try and and even purchase a weighted training lacrosse shaft, I can pretty much guess with 100% accuracy, that if I was selling baseball bats, I would not have sold or had any interest in even one as it is a totally different sport (and one that is often conflicting with the same season of play)

It does not matter if 1000's of people stopped by my tent that day, if none of them are interested in baseball bats, I would not have sold any.  In my luck however there were 100's of lacrosse fans and I was able to sell some books, shafts and more relate to the sport as they were targeted leads and customers.

I have been following many of the strategies presented in the Attraction Marketing Formula for many years (going all the way back to when it was Magnetic Sponsoring as listed above) and highly recommend it as a course of action and a course that should be in your learning library to help you grow any business/niche you are in.

You can access it here:

Now before you start contemplating buying this training or not, think about what brought you to this exact page in this moment.  Something I must have placed somewhere caught your eye and your attention enough to click a link or enter a web address.  Those are good signs as they are something that attracted you (see what I did there lol!)

The truth of the matter is the practice works.  So let it help your business out as well!

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