Being a leader

Being a leader

Regardless of whether you are a teacher, coach, boss or business builder it is crucial to show leadership qualities and exude confidence so that those people who are either already working with you or looking to work with you will have the trust in you to continue progress in that venture.

Leadership may have many qualities and you might have your own views on what makes someone a great leader.  It could be their ability to communicate with others, or their willingness to be bold and take risks. Or maybe its their ability to bring a group of people together to complete a task.

Just keep in mind that being a leader does not mean you have to do everything yourself.  Be sure you are willing to let your support team help you out with some of the workload and when you don’t know the answer to something that your followers want to know, just let them know that you might not be the absolute expert on “XYZ topic” but you will be sure to reach out to that support team to get the best solution and get back to them as soon as possible.

It’s ok as a leader to ask for help, though just don’t come off sounding like you are telling your followers you are clueless as that could show up as as a lack of confidence in your own skills and knowledge and will thus transfer into a lack of confidence from those followers towards you.

Asking for help can also be considered a huge quality of a leader as they know their limits and don’t try to sneak around it by making things up just to look good…So with that, I’m going to ask you what you feel are the key qualities of a leader.  All you have to do it just leave a comment below and let me know what characteristics your ideal leader would possess.

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