Daegan Smith made my daughter cry by closing Maximum Leverage

We are in the beginnings of an addition on our house as my father

in law is getting ready to move in with us.


So we need to realign our house so he and our three girls

can each have their own rooms…


…and you know what that means?  You have to have a large

enough septic tank and enough runs coming off of it into

the leach field.


So we spent part of today digging down into the mess and finding

the distribution box…which of course we broke through and will

need to replace.


Go figure!


So why the hell am I telling you this…because it is real life

and I want to remind you I am a real person looking to

improve my place in life, just like you and this is exactly

why I have invested a lot of my time, $$ and energy into…


…Online Marketing.


There are so many cool things out there that will help you

do what you set out to do to improve yourself and your



Over the last couple days I have been telling you about

Daegan Smith closing down Maximum Leverage once

and for all.


I even saw some great emotion out of my daughter

when she found out as seen in this 40 second video



Life is full of choices and even deciding to not

go forth toward success and settling into a spot

of comfort where you are is a choice.


I might not agree with it, but it is a choice none-



All you have to do is see how many of these folks

made the correct choice and know that if they

can do it, so can you.




Here is my breakthrough for reference


Remember, I am doing this part time as I have a full

time high school science teaching position as well as

coacing Bowling and Lacrosse.


My goal of course is to go full time by supplementing

my income and I am steadily making my way there.


I can not guarantee you quick results, but I can bet

that you will not get any results at all if you do not

take action.


Here are my bonuses for some extra incentive to

joining with me in the Inner Circle of Maximum



The choice is yours…Make the right one.


Daegan Smith is taking breakthrough videos through

this weekend and then will open up the doors for

one last hurrah with Maximum Leverage before you

lose out forever.


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