This is by far some of the best news I have heard today…I get to it in a minute!


I actually had a great Veterans Day weekend…Be sure to thank someone for

any freedoms which you might experience as well…


Maximum Leverage Lifetime Access notice while Hydroplane riding in the adirondacks







…and one of the great things I did this weekend on the spur of the moment

was to go up in a Hydroplane with two of my daughters, My mother in law and

my mom!


Totally unplanned and my kids loved it as seen here:



Even crazier was that as I was going between taking pictures and video

with my smart phone and/or flip video, I notice I all of a sudden was able

to get reception!


…and I got an email or two from Daegan Smith stating that someone had

filled out the webform to find out more about his Lifetime Maximum Leverage

sale which I have been talking about the last couple weeks (in case you are

just joining us here!)


Which was cool as we normally do not get much if any reception where my

mother-in laws camp is up in the mountains in NY.


So getting to the great news…if you have not figured it out either through

your grand knowledge or through other mails you might have gotten today,

Maximum Leverage still has some spots open for you to join me in the Inner



You see, I have been a paying member for a couple years now and was

set to have my annual membership renew this coming September

and every September thereafter…


…but not any more, because I jumped at the chance to have a lifetime

spot and never have to pay again!


On top of it, I am going to be one of only 200 folks who get a live event

out of the whole deal with Daegan and hit top students which last time

included people like Cedric Harris and Brian Fanale to name a few…


…I am hoping perhaps Jonathan Budd makes an appearance this time



Why pay anywhere from $97-$197 a month for the rest of your life when

you can make a one-off pay and be done…


…now how the hell does a Hydroplane ride fit into this all…It is about

taking a calculated risk!


Furthering your education is one of the wisest things you can do and you

can “almost” guarantee yourself some success if you take action on

what you learn while expanding upon your own value to others.


I know for sure after watching those planes take off hundreds of times

each summer that these Pilots know what they are doing as they have

educated themselves to the flight patterns in regards to environmental

conditions such as wind, temperature, humidity and much more.


Daegan Smith does the same and a millions things more in his extensive

line of testing that he shares with you as a member in the inner circle.


Then the risk is all but removed it appears and you are just left with the

taking action part.


The question is, do you have what it takes to get on that plane or inside

that course, knowing full well that you have a trained group of professionals

leadinf the way, showing you how to get from point A to B and providing

on hell of a ride in the meantime?


To “Lifting off” your business before 2012 ends!


If you also missed my bonus selections for the course, go check them out

as well as I have some sitting in a box on the bench next to me waiting for

those willing to learn!


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