Easy Video Suite helps split test your marketing

Do you use video in your marketing?

I wanted to whet your pallet about what is taking place in January 2013.

EVS goes into Pre-Launch!

That stands for Easy Video Suite, which is by my fellow Mike Filsaime VIP Mastermind member Josh Bartlett, who is responsible for Easy Video Player (EVP)

This is the software that helped many people make massive changes and gather great data on split testing their opt in videos for example.

After seeing the first backdoor access to Josh’s EVS over the last two days, I can not wait to get my hands on it as well.

If you have wanted to improve your marketing and branding, EVS is going to make it much easier for you with the screen capture and whiteboard features that will save in multiple video playing formats instantly…

…this will allow the viewer to see the video they need to see automatically.

It also uploads direct to youtube in the process.

Split testing…You better believe it.  If I have picked up one thing from the mentors I follow like Filsaime, it is to…


Which of course is always in the process and can be improved upon.

For example, I have a 13 minute video for one of my sites that I am going to be testing to see which converts better.

Remember, whether you grab EVS when it opens or not, anytime you split test, you can only change one variable at a time to determine which pulls better.

For example, having the 13 minute video versus a 5 minute on or a 35 minute one all while keeping everything else the same.

Once you gather information from that test after a set number of visitors (500, 1000, 2000 etc.) you can see a trend that can allow you to focus on the winner.

Then change another variable like the opt in call to action, the header, or background color and follow the same

technique of gathering a set number of visitors and determining your conversions here as well.

Even small improvements over time build up to massive change!

So be on the look out for my email on Tuesday with the special link for you to see the first of 3 videos that Josh is releasing for the prelaunch.

I am going to be having both Pre-launch opt in bonuses for this as well as bonuses for those who actually take part in the open and grab the software!

I gotta help you any way I can and want to provide as much value as possible!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the bonuses:

Pre-Launch Opt in bonus: Includes but is not limited to the following:

  • I will leave a value added comment on a video/blog of your choice
  • I will review your site and make a suggestion or two on what you can split test for better results
  • I will hook you up with a free Silver Level Membership to the Traffic Generation Club (you need to send traffic to be able to gather data right!)

Live EVS Purchase bonus: Includes but is not limited to the following:

1) Delivered to your house: 3 books:

  • Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing 3.0 ($97 value)
  • Benjamin Jacques The Execution Factor ($27 value)
  • Filsaime Mastermind: Riding with Guru’s ($27 value)

2) Help with implementing EVS: I will help provide feedback and suggestions on your site that you implement EVS into to develop a better split test as well as set up as much as I can ($497 value)

3) Russell Brunson’s Protege Challenge: Full Binder, DVD’s and MP3 player delivered to your door ($797 value)

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