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Josh Bartlett just opened up the doors on the Pre-Launch of Easy Video Suite (EVS), the 2013 follow up to his enormous Easy Video Player (EVP).

The first of three videos being released is a short trip into his mindframe about his customers and value he wants to provide them…it is a quick clip at less than 5 minutes (not some 45 minute epic video) where you get tricked into watching where they tell you “in the next 10 minutes…”


If you know anything about Easy Video Player from 2010 and earlier, you know it already was powerful software that allowed you to upload your videos and run split tests and track your results in addition to having add ons like opt in boxes or call’s to action pop up when desired.

Not only will you get updates to that with Easy Video Suite, but will also gain the ability to edit your videos, post to Youtube, submit in a web optimized format so that it can be viewable on most, if not all, players, and much more.

In the past I would have to open Camtasia recorder, film, my video, open up the studio and make edits, change formats using “handbrake” software, upload to EVP and hope for the best that it would be viewable to others..I would also have to separately have to upload to Youtube as well.

Now that is all going to be solved by using just one software…Easy Video Suite where I can log in to one thing, film a screen capture video, edit it with whiteboard technology, upload into multiple web optimized formats (and Youtube) all in a few simple steps.  Then I acn continue to track and split test to see my results all in one platform.

I can not imagine how many marketing will have their businesses positively impacted in major ways using the new Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett.


When you sign up for the video you will see how invested Josh Bartlett is into his own software.  The time and money put back into his own program can be felt by his passion in the first of three videos that take place in the Easy Video Suite Pre Launch.

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