Massive Bonuses for Joining LiveGood with Dave Gardner

Hotel Vacation Stay and Massive Bonuses for LiveGood

Hotel Vacation Stay and Massive Bonuses for LiveGood

Great Choice in wanting to take a further look into the vision of what building a LiveGood business can do for yourself and your loved ones, business partners, family and more!

When you join me as a Team member, you get the following!

Remember it is just a ONE Time $40 USD affiliate registration fee and then choose either the $9.95/month or $99.95/year membership fee which allows you to access drastically reduced prices on our high quality certified products.


Bonus #1 Lifetime Access to my List Building/Marketing training course, report and training videos found at

Bonus #2 Vacation Stay to a location of your choice where I cover the hotel (You would be responsible for other taxes and fees/transport etc.)  See available locations here!

Bonus #3 150 MLM email/templates for you to edit/use and follow up with your leads

Bonus #4 MLM Starter Pack of Training CD's from Eric Worre and Jim Rohn to start your DTU, or Drive Time University education and improve your marketing skills and mindset.

Bonus #5 a $10 Gift Card to a place to be determined  This bonus is not available after December 2023!

Bonus #6 Lifetime coaching access to me to help you get up and running and start building your team as well!

Bonus #7 I am also going to hook you up with some Hotel vouchers that you can use at thousands of locations (this is separate from Bonus 2 above and gives you more control over where you stay and has an additional $500 value)

Bonus #8 To Sweeten the POT even MORE...I am also going to honor Bonuses #1, #2, #3, #6 AND #7 to anyone you sponsor to help build your team as well! You get to piggyback off of my bonuses and help incentivize your leads!

That is well over $5,000 in bonus value!

Read that again! You can piggyback off of MY BONUSES!!

Grab the BONUS Rules Guideline sheets here...There are THREE options

  1. You were sponsored by Dave Gardner
  2. You were NOT sponsored by Dave Gardner but were referred by someone else on Dave's team (or you are sponsored by me and SHARING with YOUR team/referrals)
  3. You want to edit the bonus sheet because maybe you have some bonuses of your own to really sweeten the deal for your leads!  This is the word doc for that purpose.

1-Download BONUS RULES

Sponsored into LiveGood By Dave Gardner!

Use this Sheet If Sponsored By Dave Gardner

2-Download BONUS RULES

Sponsored into LiveGood By Someone besides Dave Gardner!

Use this Sheet If NOT Sponsored By Dave Gardner, but instead are in his Downline

3-Editable BONUS RULES

Want to EDIT The Bonus Sheet to Share with Your Downline? Here is the word doc you can edit to share AND add in your Own bonuses

To qualify for these bonuses you MUST do the following as shown in the document options above: 

1) Join LiveGood as an affiliate AND Member for $40 registration fee and $9.95/month or $99.95/year (recommended):

2) Email me at DaveGardner @ with the SUBJECT LINE: LiveGood Massive Bonuses

3) In your email include the following

*A) The Username you registered with (or if you were NOT sponsored by me, then list who your sponsor is)

*B) The email you registered with (This is the email I will also use to send the Vacation AND Hotel Vouchers)

*C) Your best phone number (to verify with you that the Vouchers and more are on the way AND Coaching!)

*D) Your HOME ADDRESS So I can mail out Bonuses #4 and #5 if you were sponsored by me (NOTE: Those not sponsored by me are NOT eligible for this bonus from me)

*E) A little about your past marketing experiences

*F) What excites you most about building a LiveGood business

*G) Any other questions you might have to help you get up and running

*H) The country you would like to choose to visit for your vacation: Please view THIS DOCUMENT to see the list of available countries and/or US cities available so I can start the process on this (or you can also wait and do this later)

4) Sign up for the FREE report at to be on that training list (But do NOT purchase the upsell unless you want to spend your money lol!) and I will then also be able to send you the special link to register for the Lifetime access for FREE as that is Bonus #1 above!!!

NOTE 1: All physical products in bonuses #4 and #5 will be sent out AFTER commissions have been paid out to protect me from refunds.

NOTE 2: All digital products will be delivered and or begun processing within 24-48 hours of joining and receipt of information from the email requirements above. Be sure to reply to me that you joined/purchased and share your answers to steps ‘A’ through ‘H’ so I can confirm it on my end and get the ball rolling!

Remember YOU CAN Piggy Back Off of MY BONUSES! Whoo hoo!!

Just join me in LiveGood Today to get started!!!

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