How Selling a Truck Turns into Business Lead

How Selling a Truck Turns into Business Lead

Good things sometimes come in threes as they say. When I sold my father in laws Chevy S10 Pickup the other day that is was happened to me for sure.

As I was working to get my father in law to sell the truck that had been taking up space for the past few months and not allowing our grass to grow very well, I was finally able to get him to allow me to list it on craigslist.

Less than 48 hours later it was loaded up and heading for a new life with a young business student who has a background working with cars, played lacrosse like I did and wants to start up his own business.


The idea that he was looking to start his own business once he finished with his degree was a great lead in for me suggesting a friend of mine that could help him out in in providing some of the basics of running that type of business (A truck washing station as this friend had run one in the past and was successful in that venture).

It was also a perfect spot for me to let him know about the marketing tools he should start looking into to develop his own brand and help build his business.

These are the Pure Leverage Marketing tools which include email autoresponder, video email, hosted blog, webinar conference tools and much more.

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So not only did I get the truck of my land, but also made some money in the sale and developed a lead all at the same time.

One of the morals of the story is to get to know people and what their goals are as you never know who might be the next person that is in need of a service that you can provide.

Another moral of the story is t find yourself something that can hold up your phone to be able to record videos easier so you can get more of you in the picture if no one is there to help.  I am using a JOBY Grip tight Gorilla Pod stand which you can see in the images below: One version is from my garage door frame, while the other is on my pool deck spindles.

JOBY Gorilla Pod on Door track

JOBY Gorilla Pod On Spindle


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  • July 25, 2014

    awesome strategy, thanks for sharing

  • July 24, 2014

    This is great stuff! Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed your video.

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