How to add an Email autoresponder opt in form on your blog

How to add an Email Autoresponder Form to your blog

How to add an Email Autoresponder Form to your blog

Example #1: Using html code by itself

Adding an email autoresponder can be as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of code into your website or blog.  You of course would need an email autoresponder service that allows you to collect subscriber details and send them instant follow up messages as well as a series of follow ups or live broadcasts.

The example I am showing here and what I use to run my list building is with the Now Lifestyle or Send Shark autoresponder which you can test out for yourself at

I have been using their tools since 2009 with their parent company GVO.

Example #2: Using html code with your blog theme and widgets

Some blogs have the ability to add widgets and or have themes that just plugin your email autoresponder code to be a little more eye catching and appealing to the viewer that you can edit easier through the widget/theme with colors of the buttons, to make as a two step process that pops up when you click the button.

On my blog I use a software called Profit Builder that has both plugin and theme capabilities and allows me to change a variety of things and drag and drop the code.  Inside of the Now Lifestyle and Send Shark member area, there is also a page builder that can be used similarly to create mini funnels, capture pages and thank you pages as well for those who do not have their own web hosting platforms to use.

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Example #3: Using a form wizard

The Now Lifestyle and Send shark email autoresponder has a form wizard which allows you to get a visually appealing graphic for your opt in form.  If you take a look at the example to the right you will even see that it is animated in this case with the flashing green light to draw the viewers attention and get them to enter their details to learn more, get contacted or receive a promised report/training/video etc.

In all three cases you would want to send the viewer to a thank you page congruent with what you have presented or shared and not be found guilty of click bait or similar.  If you are speaking about email autoresponders like I am here a wise choice to redirect your opt in to would be a the Send Shark page where they could learn more about it themselves and have them added to your marketing list where you talk about tools like Sendshark and the Now Lifestyle email autoresponder.


Fill Out

The Form Below
*NOTE: Some of the opt in form box labels have been modified from the videos you may have seen in this page creation to reflect my actual legitimate subscriber list for marketing and not just the test account as shown in the training videos.  
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