Staying productive and bust at work

How To Be More Productive At Work

How To Be More Productive At Work

The office is a busy place to be. People move here, there and everywhere at lightning speed. They have too many places to be and not enough time. The pressure in the workplace can often be a lot with which to contend, and this can make someone less productive, not more, leading to loss of time and profit. It's important that when you are in the workplace, you are as productive as possible in all that you're doing. Flitting from job to job and not getting anything done is anything but productive of you!

When we're in the office, you have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, you have to look busy, you have to look like you're achieving something. They're all unwritten rules, but they're the ones that everyone is aware of happening. The thing is, none of these will help you if in the long run, you're not focused on output. Instead of clock-watching and putting pressure on yourself you need to get better at being productive and you can do it with the help of a Continental Message Solution (CMS). Take your time to organize outsourcing, and you'll give yourself an easier day in an instant! If you work all the hours and are still not achieving anything, then the problem is you! You need better time management and here are some things you can be doing to be more productive at work.

Make a List

  • Make a list of your priorities each morning and do those one by one. Stick to just three priorities to begin with, and then ignore everything else until those priorities are achieved. You need to focus on a small list of things at a time so that you can truly give them your all. Prioritising is important and it gives you direction for the day, too.

Start BIG

  • Start with the most important thing on the list first. If you start with the easiest tasks, you're going to drag your feet about doing the rest of the work. So, start with the hard and most challenging items of the day and get that out of the way. You will get it done faster knowing you are on an easy street beyond that.

Take control of Email

  • Take control of your emails when you get through the door. Emails can take over your day if you're not careful, but if you limit the time you're on and checking it, you'll be able to better prepare yourself for your day. Check them in the morning when you first get into the office, then don't touch them again until you've completed your tasks. This will prevent you from being tied up for nothing.

Make meetings short

  • Shorten all of your meetings to 20 minutes. Long-winded presentations bore people; they don't make anyone feel good and if you can't meet and discuss within 20 minutes, you're going to lose all of the concentration of the team. If it cannot be done in 20 minutes, speak to people directly instead.

Take your time

  • Take your time and stop feeling so pressured. It's easy to say it when you're having a busy day, but the work will always get done. Be smart about the way in which you do it, and work will feel nothing but easy.

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