Employee Productivity

How To Boost Employee Productivity

How To Boost Employee Productivity

With a staggering $600 billion lost every year by US workplace distractions, it is no wonder that major firms often analyze their working practices to increase productivity. Productivity can be increased by small tweaks to your everyday business that is simple to implement. Here are a few ways you can boost productivity without breaking the bank or overstretching the workforce. 

IT Support 

Managed IT Services allow your employees to focus on their expertise with the confidence that IT will support them to unleash their potential. We have all had the situation where we spend hours working on a big project or report, only for the device to crash and all the work to be lost. This is incredibly frustrating at best, and a massive waste of employee hours at worst as the work needs to be restarted. IT support will ensure your systems are up to date and backed up frequently. Alongside this, they will ensure your systems have security installed and will put their expertise to use in the case of any IT emergency. This level of support will allow your employees to work confidently and will ensure that productive hours are not lost while googling document recovery methods. 

Create A Career Trajectory

If your employees do not feel there is a career trajectory at your workplace, you may lose them to competitors. Communicate with your employees the potential options for growth and development within your company. If you have a promising employee who you want to retain on your workforce, then tell them about their potential and how you would like to see them develop. Personal development is a strong motivator and allows employees to use their work as a method for achieving ambitions. Give opportunities to your team to develop new skills and flourish in areas they are passionate about. 

Communicate The Goals

Imagine being on a sports team and not knowing how to score. If you couldn’t see the basketball hoop or soccer goals, then it would be pretty difficult to become a great team player. If you have a team that does not know what your vision for the company is, then they will not know where to place their focus. Goals need to be concrete and measurable. For instance, expansion is a goal, but it is wooly. You could expand by widening your geographic reach, broadening your customer base, expanding your product line, or buying out competitors. If your team is trying to do all of these things at once, your company will become overstretched as it is pulled in multiple directions. On the other hand, if you focus on geographic expansion and have a timeline of when you want to open in different locations, every team member will push to achieve this aim. 

Finally, remember that hard work will not always result in success. You may work incredibly hard to secure a client, but the contract falls through. Or you may have set a very ambitious aim that you just fall short of. You don’t need to reward failure, but acknowledging that hard work doesn't always mean success will encourage employees to be ambitious and take calculated risks. Ensure you thank employees for hard work, no matter the outcome. 

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