Increase productivity with employees following these 4 things

How to Make Your Employee More Productive

How to Make Your Employee More Productive

Every good business owner knows that their employees are the heart and soul of the business. That means you need to invest in them and ensure they know that they are a valuable asset to your business. Luckily, not every solution includes paying them more. Employees appreciate it when their managers and bosses take the time to consider their needs. So with that in mind, here are a few ways you can make the most out of your employees.  

Include them in the Big Picture

Employees can sometimes feel like mushrooms, completely out of the loop and not understanding the value of the work they are doing. If you can take the time to communicate with them the vision of the company and build a strong company culture, your staff will feel more valuable. Put into perspective the work they are doing and how it is helping you achieve your company goals. Build open and honest communication by explaining the company vision and opening up a debate. The more they feel as if they are a part of something, the more productive they will become. 

Think about Their Comfort 

You need to make sure you have their basic level of comfort catered for. Think ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks. You have to make sure they are sitting comfortably, with the computer at the right height, so that you can avoid any injuries. Also, consider things such as the temperature in the office, not too hot and not too cold. Think about the toilets. The better the toiler facilities, the happier your employees will be. You can add potted plants too, which purify the air and look attractive. Try and get more natural lighting to the office as well as painting the walls a lighter color to maximize the among of natural light. Finally, think about teas and coffees. If you do not already give them free tea and coffee, consider this now. Do not underestimate the power of such a thing.

Invest in Staff Training

The more you invest in your staff, the better they are equipped to do their job and the more appreciated they will feel. It will also have the effect of making them more likely to stay as it shows that you care about their career progression. Offering courses such as are a great and efficient way to train new staff and reskill older staff. 

Recognize Value

If an individual has done a partially good job, you need to reward them to show that their work has been noticed and valued. Think about creating reward schemes where points can be earned, and perhaps you could have award ceremonies. Think about including images and stories about this individual’s success on your internal social media site. You should always recognize hard work where and when it is appreciated. Additionally, you could have value meeting with people who have shown great improvement. It does not always have to be the person who is the most naturally gifted. You need to be rather democratic and treat your staff as individuals. 

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