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How To Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

All industries worldwide are searching for ways to ramp up climate actions to help reduce the impact of global warming. Cutting down your carbon emissions is not only healthy for the planet; it can also future-proof your business. In October 2018, the UN reported that the world has about 12 years to arrest the damaging consequences of climate change before things get worse. Are you an eco-conscious entrepreneur who wants to run an environmentally-friendly business? Here is how to reduce the carbon footprint.

Use renewable energy

In the United States, solar and wind energy are among the fastest-growing job markets. Electric vehicle manufacturing is skyrocketing, and more businesses are starting to draw renewable energy policies. Using renewable energy in your office spaces is an excellent long-term investment. For traditional workplaces that rely on existing power grids, transitioning to renewable energy can be challenging. However, you need to be proactive about clean energy and demonstrate your business’ commitment to sustainable practices.

Some governments offer rebates and subsidies for companies that embrace sustainable energy. Businesses that use high-quality fuel products and recycle their fuel drums can also reduce their carbon footprints. Click here for safe and reliable commercial fuel services.

Practice the three Rs (reuse, recycle, and recycle)

The three Rs are applicable in several aspects of your business activities, such as product packaging, supply chains, and office habits. Opting to practice reuse and reduce policies will help you cut down on excess stuff. And in situations where these alternatives don’t seem practical, you can start a recycling program in your company. So consider partnering with recycling companies and recycle your waste materials rather than dumping them in a landfill.

Use virtual platforms and reduce your air travel-related emissions

Business owners that use virtual platforms such as Zoom and Skype to communicate can minimize their air trip-related carbon footprints. If air travel is a must for your business, consider using the travel class with the lowest emission rate per passenger. According to the UK’s Defra Carbon Factors for long haul flights, the carbon dioxide emission rate per first-class passenger per kilometer is 0.60 kg – while business class and economy classes record 0.43 kg and 0.15 kg, respectively. These figures are based on the volume of space occupied per seat on the plane.

Optimize your heating and cooling systems

Implementing temperature controls and ensuring that your HVACs are timed appropriately can help you prevent overheating and cooling. You can save a lot of energy if you avoid wasting your heating and cooling systems. For instance, at night, you can set your AC units to a minimal temperature. Reduce your power consumption by using energy-saving lighting systems and switching off your gadgets when they are not in use.

Ensure that your boilers are regularly serviced and operate efficiently. Your business may also want to train its staff on local heating and cooling systems to curb dramatic temperature swings. Finally, install window films that allow light but reflect heat during the summer. This will offer the benefits of natural light without increasing your air-conditioning costs.

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