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How to Tailor Your Website to Its Visitors for Better Lead Generation

How to Tailor Your Website to Its Visitors for Better Lead Generation

These days, it makes perfect sense to provide your website visitors with a personalized experience. Doing so means you can target them with content specific to their needs or “pain points” and, of course, show them how you can help resolve their issues.

A tailored visitor experience will also boost your chances of generating more leads and ultimately increase your bottom line. However, what steps do you need to take to create such a super-website? Take a look at these ideas and tips to help you get started:

Create Targeted Landing Pages

When you create your website, it’s absolutely essential that you create several landing pages that specifically target an audience’s pain points and needs. The problem with static product and service pages is they are too broad.

For example, let’s say you have a website that sells eyeglasses. Showing off a long list of frame styles doesn’t target anyone in particular. But, you’re more likely to have better results if you create specific landing pages, such as:

  • Men’s eyeglasses;
  • Women’s eyeglasses;
  • Children’s eyeglasses;
  • Eyewear for senior citizens;
  • Prescription sunglasses.

Alongside such category landing pages, you could also create unique blog posts that address each audience’s problems and explain how your brand can solve their problems:

  • 10 Signs You Need New Eyeglasses;
  • How to Order Prescription Eyeglasses Online;
  • 7 Reasons Why Your Existing Eyeglasses Are Painful to Wear.

When you create targeted landing pages, you’re already part of the way to identifying your audience and understanding their problems that you can help solve.

Embrace Methods of Visitor Identification

You can’t obviously hack into the devices people use to visit your site if you want to learn more about them and have viable leads. But, what you can do is consider some innovative ideas for identifying where those people come from.

Of course, you’ve already got access to things like IP addresses, browser information, and the date and time stamps through tools like Google Analytics. But, you can build on that information to give you more meaningful data for targeting potential sales leads.

For example, you can use website visitor identification technology to identify the companies and organizations linked to your visitors. Using publicly available information, you can use such technology to contact the decision-makers in those businesses.

Create a Tailored Page Flow

There’s no denying that generating leads from any website can be a tough nut to crack. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to help identify the types of people visiting your site and tailoring your content to match their needs.

You already know about the powerful benefits of targeted landing pages. Now you can build on that by creating a tailored page flow. Relevant pages that address a person’s problems should allow them to see how you’ve helped solved similar problems for others.

That typically involves having a testimonial or “success story” embedded in the page content or link to it. From there, you should have CTAs that enable those visitors to contact you or buy the products and services in question.

Remember that each visitor starts a journey that involved them going to your site. Continue that journey, and make sure you’ve got them hooked and willing to learn more from your business or buy from you online.

Final Thoughts

The above information will have given you some insight into the best ways of tailoring your content to individual people rather than broad categories of users.

You can use those tips to your advantage and ultimately boost your sales leads, especially if you have lots of visitors but no leads!

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