Kick Butt Video Promotion Strategies by Todd Gross at Marketing Mayhem 2014

Kick Butt Video Promotion Strategies by Todd Gross at Marketing Mayhem 2014

Todd Gross Video marketing tips

How well are you putting YOUR face in front of your customers when you sell other peoples products?  Not at all possibly?  Too often online marketers take the easy way out and just post random links to stuff on their Facebook or social media profiles in an attempt that someone might click on it and make a sale.

All that does is build up the other persons brand and not your own.  You need to put YOUR face in front of the group to be able to have people get to know you and build your own list at the same time while make some sales too.

One of the key take away’s from Todd Gross was that you need to promote other peoples products like they are your own.  Ironically enough, earlier in the week I had spent a day with Higher Level Strategies, which is Omar and Melinda Martin’s company and they had the same ideas as they have also become affiliate kings and queens in the marketing world.

One thing you want to create is a sort of video waiting room where the viewer gets to know YOU!  This way, if they click on a link or banner from a website, they see YOU first before going to the actual sales page and hopefully you send them to a LCP, or Lead Capture Page first, then to the video of you, followed by a call to action to head to the next page where they will find out about what it is you are sharing with them or suggesting to them that can help solve their problems.

This is also called a >>bridge page and you can see an example of one I created here<<

Anatomy of a video sales promotion

Here are some of the key ideas that Todd Gross shared about making a top selling video sales presentation

  • Give them what they want…find a hole or something that is missing and provide it in the video
  • Develop a secondary product that fills a need (could be an extra video series, pdf, audio)
  • Find out objectives ahead of time through surveys, webinars, forum questions (to see where help is needed)
  • Insert your video between your followers and the product
  • Only promote 1 thing at a time to your list
  • Provide bonuses that cover gaps or where the product does not meet subscribers needs
  • Tell and tease with your headlines…just give them a hint of the solution
  • State the problem and the solution in the video…or how the product will solve the problem
  • Be conversational and run through your copy/script beforehand to make sure it is smooth
  • Use a teleprompter if available…or ad lib if you do not have one
  • Show the solution…Do not just tell what it does, but show yourself using the product, for example
  • Tell a story and captivate your audience…Connect, captivate and Isolate them from the competition.
  • Speak as though you are one on one in a room with them. (No hey guys!)
  • Keep your background uncluttered
  • Use Powerpoint and screen capture if you are not confident yet, but have a great picture of yourself so people know who you are
  • Use scarcity and urgency…only so long left or so many copies left for bonuses etc.
  • Trust and transparency: Do not be afraid to mention negatives if they exist.
  • Provide more incentives to buying or bonuses!  Real bonuses like gift cards work well
  • Make sure all text and graphics are clear and easily support the video
  • Be a leader, but do not talk over the viewers head…especially if you have a lot of new marketers
  • Have a clear call to action that gets THEM thinking that they need the product now.

As with any action taking in your business, you could really take any combination of the above strategies and implement them into your next video waiting room or promotion so that viewers get to know you better.  This should be a must to incorporate into website traffic from people who do not know who you are yet.  Getting them to know your face is a great place to start building rapport and if you did the right thing to capture their email along the way, you can then follow up with them and build your relationship even more, while creating sales at the same time as they follow through your funnel.

So take action now and click this link right here to see how I set up my Waiting room/bridge page to have some of the above items!

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