know when to hold 'em

Know when to hold ’em

Know when to hold ’em

Kenny Rogers had it right!

Know when to hold em

Know when to fold em

Know when to walk away

Know when to run

I have been a little behind in my reading of the NO BS Magnetic Marketing letter I get monthly so yesterday my girlfriend and I just had some quiet time.

I caught up and read the November 2023 issue which related to the idea of "NO" in your business.

Like the lyrics above there are many times when you need to realize that it's might be time to get out...compared to knowing when you might be able to put some more effort in and awaken a beast.

Often times things we do in business are a gamble and like time in a casino, while the house usually wins, sometimes there are big winners along the way.

You might be losing in your business, especially in the beginning where it takes time to build a customer base and have consistency while figuring out how to lower expenses.

Quitting after 30 days is week in my book because you really have not given enough time to have some results (unless something illegal and/or unethical is occurring, then by all means do as Kenny said in the 4th line and RUN!)

We then continued bingeing the TV Series Yellowstone and if you have not seen it yet, it's a constant battle over land for the most part that seemingly ends in more people getting hurt or wanting to hurt others in each episode.

Some people do things because they think it's right for them, but it might not be right for the whole party and hopefully you are in a business to help others and not just hurt them.

One of the KEY ideas in the main company I am focused on being LiveGood is that "Nobody gets hurt"

I have been in companies before where it cost an arm and a leg (or so it seemed) to be part of it or be able to benefit from the compensation plan, where they continued to launch new updates and put out new products that you had to own in order to benefit from them on the payment plan!

Well LiveGood has revolutionized that with concepts including but not limited to these below:

  1. No auto-ship required

  2. No starter pack needed to purchase

  3. No product purchase ever required

  4. Lowest prices on high quality certified products

  5. One time $40 USD affiliate registration fee

  6. Low monthly membership of just $9.95 (or save $20 annually with the $99.95 membership)

Check out the replay from Friday's January 19, 2024 Firestarter training as well where CEO Ben Glinsky made a HUGE statement about being in multiple companies that I absolutely love.

You will also hear updates on new products in the pipeline, new country distribution centers opening, new training by some of the top recruiters and much more...

The idea where no one gets hurt is that people are not going into massive debt or racking up large charges on their CC's just to take part and be part of the LiveGood Revolution.

That is HUGE in the industry where so many companies force you in a NDA to join, Non compete to leave, make you purchase high priced starter packs and even more!

Well guess what...LiveGood does none of that.

Things that disrupt are often the things that become the largest and most well know products and/or companies in the world.

Think how iPods (and other digital music formats) destroyed record stores

Think how Amazon destroyed book stores

Think how Netflix destroyed Blockbuster

Well guess what?

LiveGood is destroying much of what is wrong in the direct selling industry as many of the big companies are continually losing market share due to high prices and forced purchases in many cases.

People leave after a few months because they can't afford it.

The prices in LiveGood are amazing and if you have not checked them out yet please do so here on this product focused page:

Whether you decide to become an active affiliate with LG (again, it's just a ONE Time registration fee of $40 USD), become a member to save even more on the product prices or do both, I want to remind you that nobody gets hurt!  If you feel it's not for you, the products have a 90 day end of the bottle money back guarantee and you can easily cancel your membership.

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