LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky explains LiveGood pricing and powerline

LiveGood Powerline and Business System

LiveGood Powerline and Business System

In this video overview, LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky provides an overview of the LiveGood Business system, powerline structure and amazing prices which are extremely competitive to other health supplement companies in multi level marketing (MLM) or Network marketing niche.

Most companies might jack up the price of a comparable item just to cover the affiliate commissions but LiveGood goes against the grain in this scenario.

Where some might charge $50-75 for a bottle of multi-vitamins, you can get them for $18 at retail price or less than $10 as a member which is insane pricing and what you might see in typical Amazon listings for generic brands.

LiveGood Nutritional Supplements


Currently LiveGood has the following product line (including but not limited to)

  • Multivitamins (him/her)
  • Magnesium
  • Plant Based protein
  • Super Greens
  • Super Reds
  • CBD Oil (for humans and pets)
  • Coffee
  • Essential amino acids
  • Joint and inflammation management
  • Energy booster
  • Youth and skin serum
  • Multipacks of the above
  • SWAG and more including hats, shirts and shaker bottles

An awesome thing they show when you click the "Learn More" buttons is a comparison between the LiveGood product and other competitive products in terms of pricing.

I just ordered my first set of products last night when joining and am looking forward to getting them and testing them out, like the Greens, multivitamins, Protein powder and energy be on the lookout for future postings about my experiences with these soon!

Over time they will continue to add more as they have just launched into the Marketing industry as of December 2022.

Right now you can take a tour of LiveGood to learn more about the company and products they offer by clicking this link!

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