LiveGood Truth about Matrix Spillover

LiveGood The Truth About Matrix Spillover

LiveGood The Truth About Matrix Spillover

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LiveGood Spillover

In this video I share the truth behind the matrix spillover that takes place in LiveGood.

LiveGood Matrix is a forced matrix where every level fills up before the next level fills up.

This takes place after midnight Thursday nights when those members who have enrolled as paid members, during the previous week, get placed into the highest open positions that are available in their sponsors matrix.

Depending on how active your sponsor is (as well as their sponsor) and how active you are, you may or may not ever receive spillover.

The best way to build your team is to take ownership of it and start sponsoring people and not just sitting back and waiting for others to do the work.

Spillover should be considered a nice bonus, but not an expected outcome of membership in LiveGood.

If you watch the whole video you will see an example where I am actually staying ahead of my sponsor and building down levels and thus spillover may actually skip over my part of the matrix as empty parts instead start to fill up.

Perhaps in many months you may see some spillover though do not expect it to come fast and especially do not expect it to completely fill your matrix as you would need over 8,000 members below you in the matrix to earn the "Up to $2047.50" you may have heard about LiveGood commissions potential.

You should not expect someone else to sponsor 8000 members while you sit there and sponsor very little or none at all.

Keep in mind though that you also earn a 50% matching check bonus on everyone who you sponsor in terms of the size of their matrix commission each month.

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