Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 6 How To Write Effective Ads

Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp Part 6

“How To Write Effective Ads”

Last post we talked about the need for effective ads and ad copy…You do not want to waste your hard earned bucks on something that will not drive traffic to your site that is “qualified”!

You could otherwise burn up funds quickly.

On day 6, Mike Dillard talks about the importance of good ad copy…which you can see for yourself here:

“Writing a good ad is a science” as Mike says and you need to get to the point where you are hitting them like a psychological wave.

Thumbs up for Social Proof  Help them achieve pleasure and avoid pain!

Adding Social Proof to your copy helps you do that!

Now sure what Social Proof is or has to do with Ad copy?

Come see Mike expain it here:


To making killer ad copy!

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