Memory Place Bonus

Memory Place Bonus

Memory Place Bonus


Just scan the QR CODE (with your Smart phone) in the picture of me holding the swords or click this link.

Be sure in both cases that when you arrive to the website it says "?=davegardner" at the end of the link

Memory Place Beta Launch


BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to Me as Your Coach/Trainer VALUE $2997


You get me to help and guide you in using the Memory Place Image Hosting Platform through:

  1. Text Message coaching if in the USA
  2. FB Messenger
  3. Email
  4. Live conference room chat

I am the Master Trainer and have been using the tools of the parent company since 2009 and am very familiar with the systems that are provided and always willing to share what I know with my teams.

BONUS #2: List Building and Email Marketing Tool Kit VALUE $997

Leads are the Lifeblood of Your Business

Whether your goal is to build a business or just communicate with your picture and video contributors, with this bonus I will share with you some of the foundational and key strategies needed to start building your email list.  This is something I will continue to add and share with you as well over time...Yeah that's the teacher in me, but it includes but is not limited to:

  • Targeted People Report
  • Marketing Tips Report
  • Top 10 Emails Do's and Don'ts
  • The Attraction Report: Cheat Sheet to Success
  • ...more

BONUS #3: Vacation Trip of YOUR Choice: VALUE Up to $1495

Where Do You Want To Go?

With 16 Destinations to choose from between the United States, Thailand and Mexico alone, you are sure to find one that suits your desires.  When you join me in Memory Place I will send you access to a FREE* Trip to places that include but are not limited to

  • Cancun
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Bali
  • Phuket

*Stay on the site for FREE, though user is responsible for site fees/taxes at many of the sites, which usually are less than $20/day. You are also responsible for your own transport to/from the destination.

BONUS #4: Mind-Shift Knowledge Explosion: RESELLER Memory Place Members ONLY VALUE $297

Your Mindset and Continuous Education Will Explode Your Business

In this bonus I am going to ship you a copy of my most up to date $2 Dollar Secret book which will hook you up with some prime knowledge that will take your business to the next level by revealing...

...The major secret that million and billion dollar companies do year in and year out to keep customers coming back and also includes:

  1. 13 Lucky strategies I use to grow my business
  2. Recommended resources, tools and software needed by every business
  3. A journal section to track your progress
  4. Motivational quotes to get your mindset in the right frame for success!

BONUS #5: Lifetime Placement in Link Rotator: RESELLERS ONLY On Select Posts/Content VALUE $Priceless

Imagine getting leads and signs ups to YOUR account but with MY efforts!


When you join me in Memory Place, I am going to add you to a link rotator where I will add a link to select blog posts and content online where you will be part of the link rotator and can get free traffic to YOUR affiliate link!  Note: You must communicate with me and we need to confirm you are set up to have emails automated on your back end in the members area.

This is priceless and could help cover the costs of your subscription without any work on your part.

Bonus Delivery

Bonus Delivery

Once you create your Viduber Account:

  1. Email with your Memory Place username, best email AND home address (I have to send you a book etc!)
  2. You must read over and complete this document to choose your Vacation stay bonus country/location MemoryPlace-Bonus-STEPS_TO_GET_CERTIFICATE
To protect myself from people joining and then cancelling/asking for a refund before the refund period, physical products will not be delivered until after the affiliate commission payment cycle has been established and I have received the commission.  Digital products will be delivered within the thirty days and often within a week assuming appropriate communication is established.
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