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Memory Place Review and List Building

Memory Place Review and List Building

Memory Place is a new software that makes list building passive and easy just with sharing images/pictures and videos from any type of event!

As shown in the video above you can create events for any scenario from weddings to graduation parties, from reunions to sporting events and many more scenarios on both a personal or business front.

  • Coaches can collect images from parents for game highlights and more
  • Real Estate agents can collect pictures of new home owners in their new place
  • Car dealerships can get images of new car owners
  • Teachers can collect images of kids at work or demonstrations
  • Families can collect precious images and videos of relatives and loved ones
  • ...and many more options to choose from!

While passively collecting leads the people uploading the images/videos have a chance to enter their email details if they want to be informed of the launch of the public album.  You can easily start to engage with these people, though like many other business opportunity lead you would not want to rush into any business related context yet.

Come with a thank you email for their participation and sharing of images instead and perhaps keep them posted to the progress as people add over the next couple days and finally when the album is launched.  Likely they will come up with their own conclusion that Memory Place is an amazing software and might want to check it out further and create their own events.

One of the cool automated things about Memory Place is that after they are done entering their photos they are actually given just that opportunity to create their own free account and try it out themselves.

Here is where you can construct your follow up messages (Memory place even has an included automated follow system that you can add messages into) to better fit someone who is now creating events and the potential for how they can grow with this and even earn income in the process or build their leads list as well.

Now there are two ways in which you can invite people to an event and I welcome you to test it out yourself and see how it goes first hand.

  1. You can have them click a link like this one:
  2. Or you can have them scan a QR code like this one...Both go to the same place!

Memory Place QR Code for Dave Gardner's Blog

You can actually try them both from a computer by clicking the link and then using your smartphone to scan the Memory Place QR code that is linked directly to my Blog event.  In the video I share how when you create an event, the link and QR code are specific to each event and are automatically made in the process.

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