Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder and Lead Capture System Overview Webinar

Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder and Lead Capture System Overview

Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder and Lead Capture System Overview

Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder

The Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder can be used for any business to help build your leads list, communicate with customers, train your leads or make offers and sales to.  

You can build unlimited campaigns to segment your list and send unlimited follow up messages of email broadcasts for up to 50,000 subscribers.

You can easily connect campaigns and opt in forms to the Now Lifestyle Landing Page Builder to have high quality capture pages or create mini funnels to grow your business.

If you work in a network marketing, multi level marketing or similar multi tiered team building business you can also share your email campaigns (or any landing pages) that you create with team members for their own personal use.  It is recommended they edit their emails to provide their own personal identity into their messages as well to allow their leads to get to know them and not just the person creating those emails or company leaders.

If you were looking to help local businesses out you could also create email campaigns for local businesses and charge a fee for doing this and helping them build their leads list.

You can try the Now Lifestyle Email Autoresponder risk free for 30 days here:

In addition to the powerful email marketing automation tools, the Now Lifestyle is an "All-in-One" marketing platform and you would also instantly gain access with your membership to the following tools needed by all businesses online.

  1. Landing/capture page builder to collect opt-ins and leads
  2. Authority site builder/webhosting/cPanel
  3. Live webinar conference room to hold training sessions or recruitment sessions online worldwide
  4. Video hosting and sharing without advertising

Again you can try it all risk free for 30 days at

Or...If you want to do your due diligence first and get a FREE NOW LIFESTYLE TRIAL with no credit card needed, then instead you can use this link to see what it is all about:

Now Lifestyle Lead Capture System

The Now Lifestyle Lead Capture System, while having some similarities to the Email Autoresponder is actually a different part of the Now Lifestyle platform and is meant to be used for members who have upgraded to the reseller license and are looking to promote the software to other businesses and marketers and earn up to 100% commissions.

Like the Email Autoresponder, in the Lead Capture System (LCS) you can build a list of subscribers up to 50,000 people and send them as many follow up messages or live broadcasts messages as you wish (just keep it compliant and not spammy).

As this is for the resellers of Now Lifestyle, one of the great benefits is that they build the capture pages and funnels for you and also carry out all the follow up on a daily basis, however it is highly recommended that you follow up with your leads as well.

While it is great for the leads to get to know the company CEO, Joel Therien and other leaders like CVO Kyle Weber and CMO Nick Anderson...or even yours truly who is the Now Lifestyle Master Trainer (I have created over 100 videos already that are in the NLS members area showing you how to do everything there is to do with the tools and will continue to add more over time)...

...You really want your leads to get to know YOU.  You should be building yourself as a leader in the process of your own growth.

When you share your Now Lifestyle affiliate link and someone opts into your page you will get notified of the lead and if you have created follow up messages the system will start to share them out for you, though you can also do a daily live email broadcasts and share your struggles, successes, background and more in these emails, always ending with a CTA, or call to action to check out the tools where you share your sales page link.

When people upgrade through your link you can earn up to 100% commissions paid on three levels.

DIRECT: You get 50% commissions on the product level purchased (assuming you have that level/product or you risk passups)

MATCHING CHECK: You earn a 25% matching check on the amount earned by those you sponsor.  So if you sponsor Bob and he earns $100 in the month, then you earn a matching check of $25 for his efforts.

BINARY TEAM BONUS: The last 25% goes into the monthly team building pool where you can earn additional commissions based on active members in your downline (See members area and comp plan in the members area under Reseller Center>>Resources...or click here to view it!

In order to pay out and participate in the up to 100% compensation plan there is a nominal $25/month or $250/year reseller license fee you must upgrade to once you become a member of the Now Lifestyle.

You can try it all RISK FREE for 30 days here:

Or Get a Free Trial with limited access here:

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  • June 20, 2020

    Thanks for reaching out Gini and I sent you more details in an email…So please check through that to see your next steps as you start to progress with us in the Now Lifestyle!

  • June 20, 2020

    Hi Dave, My sponsor strongly recommended that I connect w/u for excellent training. I have just started going thru all of this information, but there is SO MUCH here. Is there a “protocol” of which training(s) to go on first, then second, then third, etc., so as not to derail my brain in the process?

    I would like to do you reseller work and some of my own affiliate products as well. All I really need is a training roadmap. Blessings, Gini Bouwense

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