Ping your blog with Pingler

Ping Your Blog Traffic Secret

Ping Your Blog Traffic Secret

One of the best things you can do after you create content for your blog post is to PING it with Pingler, a free service that sends your content out the google search crawlers/bots so that you can get it indexed faster.

This video shows how easily ping your post.  The software/website requires you to add/provide THREE items:

  1. Your Blog post title (make sure it is keyword rich)
  2. Your blog post web address/URL (make sure it has your keyword in it)
  3. Choose three categories that your post relates to.

Note for #1 and #2 above...Usually when you create your blog post and create your title the web address automatically is set up to look the same if your settings are correct with Wordpress, for example.

Take a look at my previous posts title called:

"Traffic Secrets Bonus St Patrick Day Launch Methods" while the website link for it is

Notice how after my main website domain name, details are identical!

Once you have that all done, just click the PING button on the bottom and BOOM...a few moments later it is all done.

Pinging your site is just ONE of the main traffic strategies I have picked up over the years from many of the marketers I have followed and taken courses/training from.

Regardless of when you are reading this post, one of the mentors I have picked up the most from over the years is Russel Brunson and his Book Traffic Secrets shares even more strategies that can be used by any business both online and offline to get more eyes on your content.

I would highly recommend you grabbing your FREE copy (you just cover shipping on this hardcover edition) and I will have some nice bonuses for you.

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets Bonus

I have had the pleasure of knowing Russell Brunson personally since 2012 when I was a guest his in Kenya after winning his Dot Com Secrets X contest by implementing some of the same strategies he has masted and shared in this book.

I have even set up an amazing Traffic Secrets Bonus which you can see here:

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