Recommended Books to Read for Business


Recommended Books for Business Growth

In no particular order is a list of the business, marketing, self help and growth books I have read since 2009 that have played a role in my continuous growth.  While I might refer back to some more than others in my teachings and recommendations, even promoting some (and even earning commissions when someone uses my link to purchase as is the case in a few listed here).

Also included and will be added to over time as I continue to read are those I consider part of DTU, or Drive Time University.  The local library makes a great place to access free training in business growth and allow you to listen instead of reading and learn from another mode.  In some cases I have both read the book AND listened to the audio of the book.

Development Books

1) Traffic Secrets- Russell Brunson

2) Expert Secrets- Russell Brunson

3) Dot Com Secrets- Russell Brunson

4) Network Marketing Secrets- Russell Brunson

5) The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace Wattles

6) You are a Bad Ass- Jen Sincero

7) You are a Bad Ass at Making Money- Jen Sincero

8) You are a Bad Ass Every Day- Jen Sincero

9 The Little Red Book of Selling- Jeffrey Gitomer

10) Sales Bible- Jeffrey Gitomer

11) Your One word- Evan Carmichael

12) 10 Rules for success- Evan Carmichael

13) Ask.- Ryan Levesque

14) The Millionaire Messenger- Brendan Burchard

15) The Motivation Manifesto- Brendan Burchard

16) Just sell the damn thing- Doberman Dan

17) How to Be F#cking awesome- Dan Meredith

18) 7 Habits of highly effective people- Stephen Covey

19) How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie

20) Trust Funnel- Brian G Johnson

21) Who moved my Cheese- Spencer Johnson

22) eSCAPe- Anik Singal

23) The Ride of a Lifetime- Paul Teutul Sr.

24) There’s no traffic on the extra mile- Ricky Mino

25) How Starbucks saved my life- Michael Gates- Gill

26) Killer Brands- Frank Lane

27) The promise of a pencil- Adam Braun

28) Go for the goal- Mia Hamm

29) The Ripken way- Cal Ripken Jr.

30) How to become a rainmaker- Jeffrey Fox

31) This is what success looks like- Bryan Zimmerman

32) The Start Up- Chris Guillebeau

33) If Network marketing is a game- Robert Blackman

34) The Attractor Factor- Joe Vitale

35) 17 Secrets of Master Prospectors- John Kalench

36) Being the best you can be in MLM- John Kalench

37) Greatest Opportunity in the History of the world- Kalench

38) Go Pro- Eric Worre

39) Your First Year in Network Marketing- Mark Yarnell

40) The Ultimate Guide to Network marketing- Dr. Joe Rubino

41) Wave 3 Way to building your downline- Richard Poe

42) Wave 4 Network Marketing in 21st Century- Richard Poe

43) Wave 4 way to building your downline- Richard Poe

44) Magnetic Sponsoring- Mike Dillard (many versions)

45) Building on a Budget- Mike Dillard

46) The Game of Networking- Rob Sperry

47) How to be like Mike- Pat Williams

48) Think and Grow Rich- Napolean Hill

49) Predictably Irrational- Dan Ariel

50) Influence- Robert Cialdini

51) Maverick Startup- Yanik Silver

52) 34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs- Yanik Silver

53) Change your thinking, change your life- Brian Tracy

54) The Irresistible offer- Mark Joyner

55) Integration Marketing- Mark Joyner

56) Dream 100 Book- Dana Derricks

57) Content Machine- Dan Norris

58) Copywriting Secrets- Jim Edwards

59) Contagious- Jonah Berger

60) Retargeting Recipes-Justin Brooke

61) The Ultimate lead generation machine- Matt Bacak

62) The Invisible selling machine- Ryan Deiss

63) Guerrilla Marketing- Jay Conrad Levinson

64) Postcard profits- Luke Jaten

65) Do You! 12 Laws to access Power in you- Russell Simmons

66) It’s a Jungle in there- Steven Schussler

67) Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert Kyosaki

68) Why we want you to be rich- Robert Kyosaki

69) The 50th Law- 50 Cent and Robert Greene

70) KaChing- Joel Comm

71) Take Action Revise Later- Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins

72) Chronic Marketer- Brad Gosse

73) To Sell is Human- Daniel Pink

74) The 4 Hour work week- Tim Ferris

75) Launch- Jeff Walker

76) Butterfly Marketing- Mike Filsaime

77) The Execution Factor- Benjamin Jacques

78) Girl Boss- Sophia Amoruso (Turned into a TV series on Netflix as well!)

79) Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook- Gary Vaynerchuk

80) Crush it- Gary Vaynerchuk

81) Thank you economy- Gary Vaynerchuk

82) The Peaceful Warrior- Dan Millman

83) The Elite Entrepreneur- Ephren Taylor

84) Personal Power- Tony Robbins

85) Money: Master the Game- Tony Robbins

86) The Little Book of coaching- Ken Blanchard + Don Shula

87) The Automatic Millionaire- David Bach

88) Millionaire by Halftime- Presley Swagerty

89) The Unemployed millionaire- Matt Morris

90) The Eventual Millionaire- Jaime Tardy

91) This is not your grandmothers social media- Jane Mark

92) LinkedIn for Leads- Daegan Smith

93) I mastered failure but look at me now-Brown/Rohn/Gillardi

94) Start.- Jon Acuff

95) The Carrot Principle- Adrian Gostich + Chester Elton

96) $60,000 in 90 Days- TJ Rohleder

97) How to get super rich in the opportunity market- Rohleder

98) How to be an overnight success- Maria Hatzistefanis

99) Top Performer- Stephen Lundin + Carr Hagerman

100) Secrets of Millionaire Students- Dylan and Edmund Loh

101) The Impulse economy- Gary Schwartz

102) The compound effect- Darren Hardy

103) Ready For anything- David Allen

104) Jump the Curve- Jack Uldrich

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