resistance bands

Resistance Bands arrive

Resistance Bands arrive

resistance band workouts with the NowLifestyle

After a little wait for shipping from god knows where, my resistance bands have arrived!  I purchased them on ebay for around $10…yeah, only $10 and as you can see there are a few things that came in the package:

  • A Bag to carry it all
  • 5 bands ranging from extra light 8lbs resistance to extra heavy 28 lbs resistance
  • Handles to clip the various bands into
  • Ankle straps to complete various random resitance band activities
  • A door strap to be able to modify the angles at which the activities are done and allow for you to really do these workouts from anywhere.

There are various packages available through ebay, or you can get the whole Now Lifestyle workout system when it comes out in the future (look for for future posts about that piece of equipment).

Part of the workouts that will I will begin doing are some of the main focusing points in the NowLifestyle which include high intensity interval training.  That basically means 7-10 minute workouts.

That’s what I am looking for as I really hate working out for a long time.  Now that does not mean I do not enjoy going out and taking a hike for an hour or more, though when it comes to exercise, I just have no desire to spend hours at the gym, or go for a 5 mile run.

I have a busy schedule, which is the reason why most people do not work out.  Between working as a teacher full time, coaching lacrosse and running a business on the side, I am the father of 3 beautiful girls who keep me running around and playing taxi between sports, dance, concerts etc. and finding the time to get a good workout in is not always the easiest.

If you are like me, you want something quick and to the point, so I am looking forward to the workouts that come with the Now Lifestyle which launches in earl7 2017 and will be on the lines of some other programs out there like beachbody.

It will have workouts, nutritional/dietary software and supplements, and a business opportunity (as independent distributors/re-sellers), though instead of the 25-90 minute workouts, they are focused on 7-10 minutes.

Now comes the fun and seeing where in my house will be the best location to do the workout and be able to show you how they work…Thus I have to do a little room prep to make sure the lighting and video quality is good to post and share how I am using the resistance bands.

In reality, you can use them many ways…just be willing to try different angles of hooking up your bands and you will be able to work on all different muscle groups, though one of the key ideas inside of the NowLifeStyle is that you only work out a particular area once every 10 days or so to provide appropriate time for repair/regrowth of the muscles you might have torn in the workout.

That means you need to come up with a rotation of activities to do in your workouts a few times a week.

For example, you could do something on Monday (day 1) that includes chest, Wednesday (day 3) could be legs, Friday (day 5) could be back/shoulders, Sunday (day 7) could be arms, Tuesday (day 9) could be core/abs and then Thursday could be back to chest again.

That way, you do not overwork and ruin your muscles, you give them time to repair and you do not fall into the trap that so many fall into, including myself, where you work out (to start a new program) and then feel sore all over from over doing it and push back your second workout.  Basically you start a workout and quit after a week or so as you never really give your body time to recover.

I guess it’s time to get off my but from typing this and see how they work!

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