Russell Brunson Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success Affiliates and JV Partners

Secrets of Success Affiliates and JV Partners


We all want it!

You can't just wish for it and expect it to happen, however having the right mindset, confidence and a definite purpose will set you on the right path to getting there.

In a couple weeks, Russell Brunson is launching a NEW Secrets of Success Membership and I want to invite you to be an affiliate partner with me and be able to earn commissions when you share it with others.

Secrets of Success Commission Structure

It's paying out on TWO tiers!

40% on the first tier/direct sales...for LIFE!

10% on the second tier!

Russell has amassed a library of content from the likes of people like Napoleon Hill and many others.

Just use this link to register as a Secrets of Success Affiliate partner (or JV Partner)

I have been following Russell for many years and even had the pleasure of going to Kenya with him back in 2012 (here's the picture of the both of us when we helped build a school there as part of his Dot Com Secret X contest and course)

Russell Brunson Secrets of Success

The guy is a marketing genius and he is releasing some never before seen content from masters in the industry and you can register your affiliate account now to be ready for the launch in a couple weeks.

You will even be able to invite others as well to earn off of their efforts.

I have read/listened to Think and Grow Rich numerous times over the years and recently started his 16 Laws of Success which was a set I "scored" at an antique store one day while randomly stopping there to kill some time.

Check my FB Post out here about it:

So far I have read the first book and am almost done with the second book which covered the first 3 of the 16 laws, being that of the Mastermind, Definiteness of Purpose and Self Confidence.

There are still gems in these old books that hold true today in sharing how some of the biggest names in world success achieved their riches.

Russell is going to be sharing things like this as well, so head on over now and register your Secrets of Success account...It's Free to be an affiliate!

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