Russell Brunson's Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success Free Success Box

Secrets of Success Free Success Box

How Do You Compare Success?

You can not compare my year 12 to your year 1!

Whether you are just starting out in your marketing and entrepreneurial adventures, you have to remember that WE are all at different places.

You being a month in can still be better than someone who just started and in some cases it is a process of just being ONE step ahead of those who are following and or learning from you.

I am a full time HS Chemistry Teacher and have been doing this for over 20 years now. I also coached Lacrosse for 15 years.

Was I as good when I started as I am now?

Hell no! I wish I could go back to then knowing what I know now not only in terms of content, but also things like behavioral issues, mental states, mindset and much more.

How did that happen?

Well, I failed a lot along the way...I made mistakes, lessons didn't always go over well, perhaps said the wrong thing at the wrong time to a student, player or parent and...

...Had to fix it all. It's in the learning of the failure that you sometimes start to see the success when you apply much better measures.

I still have failures and things do not always go well, but I continue to LEARN in the process.

The thing with learning and not applying though is where people get into trouble.

As Einstein is claimed to have stated, those who continue to do the same things and expect different results are really the definition of insanity.

You have to keep learning and keep applying things.

While my major focus now is on a Global Health and Wellness company that I have also shared with you in other emails, called LiveGood, I also continue to learn to become a better person and entrepreneur overall.

That is why I dive into books that focus on mindset, skillset, marketing, business, growth etc.

That is why I jumped in and started promoting Russell Brunson's new Secrets of Success mastermind and personally also grabbed the Free Success Box and also upgraded to the yearly option for the additional book so I can keep getting better, which then results in me being able to share even more with you over time.

I urge you to go ahead and see what Russell has been doing lately in the Library of knowledge he has been building these last few years.

What does Secrets of Success Cost?

This is a free plus shipping offer and cost depends on the country you live in but is set at $29.95 for USA residents.

There is one immediate upsell of access to an additional course and then a final upsell of a full year membership into Secrets of Success which then also comes with it a bonus physical book as well.

Russell Brunson has released some never before seen works of Napoleon Hill and wants to send them to you just for trying out his new Secrets of Success membership group which you can by clicking this link

Secrets of Success Affiliates

You can also become an affiliate (no purchase needed with this link instead)

The affiliate program is a two tiered program that pays out 40% on the first level or any direct sales you make and then 10% on second tier levels (this would be anyone you refer to the affiliate/JV Program that also makes sales.

I have been a long time follower of both Russell Brunson and works by Napoleon Hill and other classic masters like Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy and more that are available inside the Secrets of Success members area which I take an inside look at in the video included at the beginning of this blog post.

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