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Selling the Farm

Selling the Farm

I am selling the to speak.

The pandemic being tough for many people around the world is an understatement, while prices of everything seem to be rising rapidly:

  • Bananas were about $1.79 the other day and then went to $2.39 which is a 33% increase in price (Note these were the organic ones)
  • The Dollar store near me is now the $1.25 store...thus a 25% increase in prices on everything in the store!
  • Avocados went from $6.99 to $8.49...a 21% increase in price.
  • many other things have newer and higher prices because of supply chain issues and other scenarios out of my control

My teaching salary however, has NOT gone up anywhere near enough to match the increase in these prices jumps.

Now I do enjoy some nice benefits as a teacher though the struggle certainly can become real when it comes to teacher pay, which is why I have been working on the side over the years on the business and marketing end of things.

Over the years I have had some massive successes and some equally massive failures.

Along the way I have picked up a thing or two about working from home/online that I want to share with you in my book the $2 Dollar Secret which I want to send you for Free...I just ask you pick up the shipping/handling charge!

While I am doing a little fundraising of my own for my own personal bills, daughters prom/volleyball tournaments/college and recent car repairs...I want you to be able to benefit from my skills, strategies and tips as well.

Not only will you learn one of the biggest marketing secrets out there today but you will also gain insight to my 13 lucky strategies along with some of my recommended resources that I use to run my business while I am enjoying life, sleeping, working out or actually teaching lol!

Just click the link above and grab your copy today.

Let's do this!

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