Going Green in your business

Shaping Your Products For The Green Market

Shaping Your Products For The Green Market

It is the responsibility of every business to go green today. The planet is in a mess and consumers are no longer happy supporting businesses that don't do their bit to care for the environment. 

Today, businesses everywhere are taking steps to prove their green credentials. Some are switching to electrical vehicles to reduce their carbon emissions. Others are complying with air emissions standards through the use of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems. And in the context of this article, many businesses are thinking green when it comes to the products they sell.

When you look at your target market, you don’t just look at what they want from your products, but what kind of lifestyle or solutions they are aiming for. Your products can play a small role in a larger story. For instance, even if your products aren’t designed to be inherently environmentally friendly, you can make them the green option in the market in a few ways.

Choose green materials to make it from

Now, the environmental friendliness of the materials you choose to create your products is not going to be the only quality you consider. Qualities like hardness, strength, resistance to all manner of outside pressures, softness, hygiene, and the like are going to be crucial. However, by working with green material suppliers as seen here, you could find some alternatives to materials that you’re currently using that might have many of the same properties but without as much of the waste, such as how some products are using bamboo instead of plastics.

The packaging makes a big difference

It’s not just what the materials are made from, but you should be paying closer attention to what the packaging is made out of, as well. If you have to throw most of the packaging into the trash rather than recycling or reusing it, then it’s hard to say that a product is truly green. Thankfully, green packaging is significantly easier in most cases than aiming for more sustainable materials, so most products can benefit from it. As ubiquitous as sustainable packaging is getting, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it at a reasonable cost, as well.

Go for more eco-friendly manufacturing methods

A lot of businesses that sell products aren’t very tightly involved in the manufacturing process but, if you are, there are ways to aim for greater efficiency and less waste. For instance, you can click here to learn more about types of compressors that run consistently at lower levels rather than wasting energy turning on and off again and again. If you’re not the person with the technical mind for the manufacturing process, then you could instead hire someone to perform an energy and waste audit on your manufacturing processes and highlight what improvements you can make.

Contribute directly to green causes

If you can’t make your products or your manufacturing process any more environmentally friendly, then you should look for other ways to help maintain the values that you are trying to share with your audience. To that end, you can look into getting into partnerships with local green initiatives and charities. You could, for instance, run a campaign, even a long-term or permanent one, that sees you sharing some of your revenue with the cause. You might find that your customers are even willing to pay more and stay for longer in order to buy from brands that represent the values they care about.

If you want to cement the idea that your company has green motives, then you need to practice truly green business. The methods above are just a few examples of how you can do just that.

Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/recycle-egypt-237874/

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