Shiny Ball Syndrome

Shiny Balls

Shiny Balls

Happy Sunday Funday!

Curious if you like Shiny Balls?

You know...the next BIG thing that is going to make all of your dreams come true.

While they may exist, most of them are just money sucks because they often do NOT give what they promised or require a ton of work.

Whether you do like Shiny Balls or you don't I have some amazing news for you here!

I have been focusing on ONE programs for the last 6 months and things continue to grow nicely...

...But one of my teammates (who has done very well for himself online) has just released a new free platform that multiplies what I am doing FIVE times!

Even better is he is taking care of the main follow up, but I am also able to build MY OWN LIST in the process due to the second piece of his platform.

We NOW have a new option for a multiple stream funnel if you are interested in doing that that has 5 total products tied in and around our main company focus of LiveGood as the central point which you can register for here:

Here are the FIVE pieces you can tie in (or just grab some of them to fit your business model and/or budget)

1) LiveGood: This one is a membership model starting out with health products

2) Get Response: This connects so that YOU can build YOUR list at the same time

3) Udimi: This is where you can get low priced clicks to your offers (including sending to this platform where David does all the follow ups)

4) ROI Panel: Allows you to track your links, create split tests with links and more

5) My Lead Gen Secret: 100 leads sent to you per day

The platform cost nothing to use and if you already have affiliate links or accounts with any of these you can just plug in your affiliate ID and be ready to roll.

Even if you know someone who is on another Livegood team looking for a system to promote they can also use this as well as you get your own affiliate ID to share with them as well.

As an FYI, the creator David has already sponsored almost 70 people in just over 10 days with this so if you do like that sort of marketing then I highly recommend taking a look.
Let's do this!

Here is that link again:

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