Social Media Lesson for Any Niche

So I was chatting back and forth through LinkedIn
today setting up a rep position for myself for
a clothing line for the sport of lacrosse as I have
websites in that niche in addition to general
marketing, training and tools like I share with you

youre doing it wrong in marketing

The company I may be promoting soon mentioned
they had a Facebook page already, though when I
went to check it out, they had been around for a
few years and had only about 150 likes.

Not that this number is horrible, though what
really caught me off guard was the fact that they
had not posted any images or had any engagement
in over a year.

And this was just one image.

The previous images were from two years prior to

So you social media lesson for you today, regardless
of what niche you are passionate about is to be
continually adding content to your pages and social
media so that your tribe can have a chance to engage
with you and get to know you better.

Stay current and post things related to your niche
or share things that are related if you can not come
up with the ideas, images and videos on your own.

But do not let it go stagnant or your followers might
just forget you exist.

Another perfect way to add content to yous social
media sites is when you create a blog post using
the tools available in the Pure Leverage platform
you can then share that link on your Fanpage
which shows you are giving them content AND
it could even bring them back to your website
where they might join your mailing list (also using
the tools inside PL) or click on one of your offers.

If you can create content that helps solve peoples
problems you will be on the path to faster success
as people are always looking for answers to their

>> Come on back and take another look at what
the Pure Leverage Marketing platform has to offer
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Remember, no one will come check you out if you
have nothing out there to see!

This company can quickly take action to turn their
Fanpage into a growing network of images, videos
responses to their product and more with ease.

Make it happen on YOUR sites by taking action now!

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tips…I was recently published again in a compilation
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