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The Benefits of Creating a Holiday Gift Guide for Your Business

The Benefits of Creating a Holiday Gift Guide for Your Business

If you are trying to think of some good ways to promote your company over the holiday season, then you should seriously consider creating your own holiday gift guide. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to market your business and increase your sales in the latter part of the year.

Think that sounds like too much trouble? Check out these very real benefits of creating a holiday gift guide to promote your business, and you might just change your mind:

It helps indecisive customers

One of the biggest benefits of creating a holiday gift guide for your business is that it can be used to nudge indecisive shoppers in the direction of your business. So many customers do not know what to get people for Christmas, so if you can provide them with a detailed gift guide that makes it easy for them to know what is appropriate for each person in their life, they are unlikely to offer much resistance, and will simply purchase the goods you are suggesting, which means you get the sale, and to some extent, you can even direct which items will be sold!

Re-engage customers

Many businesses find that, when they produce holiday gift guides, they see many old customers who have not made a purchase for a whole, return. This is not surprising because everyone loves flicking through interesting holiday guides and thinking about all of the wonderful possibilities to place under the tree at Christmas. 

If your guide is done well, then you can bet those old customers will read it, and many of them will be re-engaged with your brand enough to buy something. So, creating your own holiday gift guide can vastly improve customer lifetime value.

Convert subscribers into customers

Most online businesses have a proportion of people who are interested enough to sign up to the newsletter, but who have not as yet been persuaded to make a purchase. A good holiday gift guide with great stock photos, convincing copy, and gift ideas for absolutely everyone, could be the one thing that changes this. Gift guides, when they look good, are more likely to be read than the average market email, which means you could finally convert that tough part of your demographic.

Sell more expensive items

If you have lots of premium items in your range, then creating a holiday gift guide can help you to better market and sell more of them. Most people are willing to spend a bit more money than they usually would during the holiday season, so if you can create a guide that positions your premium goods as being amongst the best gift ideas for a range of people, there is a bigger than average chance that the customers will bite and buy from your luxury range when they would usually only buy your more affordable goods.

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Beat the competition

If you create a holiday gift guide, you can quite often beat the competition because, many of them will have not done likewise, which means you can get in there and add more value to your customers by guiding them around their gift purchases. If you produce your holiday gift guide as early as possible, then you are even more likely to beat the competition because a lot of people do start their holiday shopping as early as October!

Showcase your products

Of course, a holiday gift guide is quite simply one of the most effective ways to showcase a whole bunch of your best products in one place in a way that people are likely to be receptive to. Often, customers will only look at the section of your website they need, which means they miss out on lots of great products they might actually love, but by putting them all together in one neat guide, you force customers to see more oft what you have to offer,r which means they are more likely to explore and buy from your whole range n the future. This might not seem like a big deal, but it really can boost your business in a huge way, so please do consider it.

As you can see, creating a holiday gift guide for your business is a fantastic way to nudge customers in your direction when they are trying to decide what to buy their loved ones for the holidays, and since people tend to spend more money than average on gifts during this period, this is definitely one opportunity you cannot afford to pass up!

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