Looking for a career change?

The Best Jobs for Switching Careers

The Best Jobs for Switching Careers

Ever thought about switching your career? If so, what made you think so? All too often, most people tend to switch up their careers to start afresh or find a new purpose in life. One can also switch their career if they want better pay, or they are not getting satisfaction from their current job. 

These and many other reasons can push someone to make a career change. But do you know what kind of career options to consider once you make this decision. Here are a few career options to switch to. 

Become a Programmer 

There are many different programming languages, but knowing how to code can be beneficial no matter what line of work you choose. The average programmer makes around $69k a year and might see an increase in hiring by 16% over the next decade, which will make it even easier for programmers to find jobs.

Programming's high pay rate may seem like its only perk, but several benefits come with becoming a good coder. First, the more experienced one becomes at coding, the more likely they will tackle new challenges independently rather than needing help from co-workers or management - making them precious employees!

Become a Cyber Security Professional 

Cyber security is a career that is in high demand and pays well. According to the BLS, a cyber security specialist makes around $90k/year on average. An NIST certification could help you stand out from your peers when applying for jobs or finding work as an independent contractor.

Cyber security is a field that requires the use of technological tools to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Individuals interested in this career can look into information technology degrees from an accredited institution, which will teach them how to protect digital files and networks through encryption methods and other software techniques. In addition, this profession pays well.

Become a Business Consultant 

One of the most in-demand jobs is that of a business consultant. Business consulting helps companies with their problems and can be done from home or work at an office, making for a great fit if you are looking to move into something new but have young children.

Of course, the salary range for this job varies depending on the type of company you choose to work for, how much experience you have under your belt, and more. Still, with all things considered, it averages out between $50-$100k annually - not bad considering what some people make! This role is famous because nearly anyone can do well working as one; there's no degree required nor any special certification needed (although having these would help immensely).

Become a Medical Assistant  

A medical assistant is an excellent choice for working in the healthcare industry but not necessarily a doctor. A medical assistant job description might include working with patients, basic office tasks like filing and copying papers, taking vitals or giving shots, explaining procedures that are about to happen, answering phone calls for physicians on call, scheduling appointments, and more. 

They often train new assistants, so this could be an entry-level position where you gain skills before becoming more advanced over time if desired. There aren't usually any degree requirements necessary, but some employers may require certification of completion from a class related to medical assisting.

In conclusion, there are many careers available if you want to switch things up. Use the above examples to begin your research. 

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