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The importance of customer testimonials or reviews

The importance of customer testimonials or reviews

Let’s face it…if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video review and testimonial is like a million.  While you can easily create a fake text or typed testimonial, it does not always come off as sincere and emotionally pulling as what you can get in a video.

With video testimonials you get the real raw emotion of a person and might even see the actual product or service in use (you will never see that in pure text!)

While not everyone goes and searches online to get reviews of products before they purchase, the concept is becoming more common.  For those who do like to compare pricing/product quality/service and more, being able to see video testimonials and reviews by others is huge when it comes to feeling good about or developing trust and moving forward with the purchase.

The problem is that more often that not it is next to impossible to get people to leave reviews…or at least it used to be if you were going about it all wrong.  Yes, you might even need to provide some incentives like future discounts or a free appetizer (or additional product etc.) for those leaving a testimonial.

The major problem exists between asking for and getting the actual review, though “Testimonial Generator” takes the pain and resistance points away.

By sharing a link (or QR code connected to the link) the customer can quickly use the web based software and be able to record a video or audio message on their phone or computer.  They then have the option to review the video and click submit which automatically adds it to the business owners database to be used as desired and thus:

  • No need for customer to download to their own computer
  • No need for customer to edit or upload to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • No need to upload to YouTube or similar
  • No need for customer to email you the link to the shared file
  • No need for the business owner to keep asking for the reviews or when it will be sent.

Testimonial Generator alleviates the pain points and once you have the videos in your account you can do with them what you wish:

  1. Download to edit with your own software for creating your own sales videos
  2. Grab the link and share the videos on your social media profiles
  3. Grab the Embed code to add the testimonials to your website

To take a look and see how easy this can be, just go to to test it out for yourself.

Or you can alternatively test out what the end user will see and complete a testimonial and tell me your thoughts and see how the system then welcomes you to create your own free account:

Either way, start collecting those video testimonials from your customers and clients!

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