Matt McWilliams Passion into Profits Book

The World Needs Your Message

The World Needs Your Message

I can't believe we are in December already. So as many often think or contemplate whether they have achieved what they wanted to during the year what I want to share with you regardless of where you stand... that the world needs YOUR message.

Your struggles and successes are likely similar to many other people out there (who are looking for someone to lead them!)

I have been looking over an advanced copy (digitally thus far) of Matt McWilliams new book titled "Turn Your Passions into Profits" and one of the things he is hitting on right from the beginning is that there might even be just ONE person to start out helping before you start trying to help the masses.

You need to have some clarity in your avatar (or your perfect customer...not some Sci-Fi movie lol!) and focus in on specific people you want to be able to help.

And don't worry about feeling as though you need to know it all.

In reality you just need to be one step ahead of those you are leading. Heck years ago I started a new Environmental Science course at the school I teach at and I was actually taking the course at the same time remotely/online and staying just a couple steps ahead of the course I was teaching.

No one expects you to give them all the steps and answers at once as that can become overwhelming and most of the time when you give too many people too much to cover, they usually end up putting it off or look at it from the big picture and think it's too big to conquer.

We can't lose 30 pounds in 1 day right...though we can do it over a series of weeks or months with the right steps taken along the way.

Right now Matt is offering close to $1k in bonuses when you purchase his book (currently #1 in the new release category!) and you can do that right here:

Passion Into Profits Book

I know I am excited to get the physical copy as well!

Reading online is NOT my preferred method which is one of the things Matt actually goes into in regards to knowing exactly what your customers prefer, so having multiple options or versions of the same thing is a great way to provide more value or even more sales to your customers!

For example buy the book, buy the audio CD, buy the additional training or private done for your services etc.

So take a moment now and go take a look for yourself!

Let's do this!

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