This is Killing Me

This is Killing Me

This year is killing me!

I do not know about you, though this year has been crazy in many ways...Personally, professionally, emotionally and more.

You see I am am building my dream business on the side while I continue to teach full time HS Science (Yes you need to have a back up plan and not just up and quit your job thinking instant riches will come to you online)...

...and I can not wait until June when the school year is over as it is killing me.

Killing me in the sense that I have not been able to focus as much as I have wanted on my business because I have been putting that time into recreating everything (or so it seems) I have already prepared over the years and turning it into an interactive and/or digital form due to distance and remote/hybrid learning.

We just went back to 4 days a week with the kids, though I still have more than half that are fully remote or just don't show up because they do not want to wear a mask all day and socially distance from their peers.

Through it all one thing has been constant.

Regardless of how much I DON'T work on my business, the work I have done in the past keeps even my newest of leads on top of their game and in touch with me.

Those that come in and engage I will focus on.

Those that take action I will recognize and help anyway I can.

The power to do it all comes with the tools that are crucial in every business.

I am talking about list building and email automation.

While some can be set it and forget it, or even automated by the company itself it is always wisest to allow people to get to know you on a personal level and have a connection with them.

You might not be a teacher though you had teachers growing up and if you have kids you know what those teachers are going through for the past 13 months now.

Even while I teach (or when I am sleeping, working out, hiking, going out to dinner with my kids or on a date) my leads, just like YOU will get instant follow-up messages helping them in their and YOUR journey towards success.

Right now I am reading a book called the 5 Second rule and it is basically about counting down from 5 and blasting yourself into action.

5-4-3-2-1...Just take massive action!

With the right tools it can become automated.  Yes you still need to follow up and create messages, you need to buy traffic or do free traffic methods like reaching out to people through social media, blogging, Youtube or similar and you need to refuse to quit.

We have the right tools here for you:

Not only the email automation, but the ability to build your own website/pages or use ones the company creates for you.

We also have video hosting (think ad free) as well as live online training rooms/webinar software and more.

Whether you decide to upgrade to become a reseller and share the tools with others like I do (Disclaimer: Yes I make a commission if you decide to purchase things that are linked in my emails) or just become a customer to use the tools yourself for your own personal business, it's all about taking action.

I will help you as much as I can and have actually created over 100 videos that are in our members area showing you how to use each tools and software, though remember you need to act on doing the work as well to build your own list.



Let's do this!

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