How to increase employee engagement

Top 10 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Top 10 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are the key driving force behind any successful business. In order to gain a competitive edge, you need to understand and improve the level of passion your employees have. Managers and business owners are responsible for improving employee satisfaction by empowering staff and providing them with the right environment to work in. It’s essential to create optimum working conditions both in the office and remotely. You also need to invest in the professional development of each individual member of your team. Always put aside a budget for training, and time to focus on staff well-being. Here are ten ways to boost employee engagement.

Follow safety best practices

First of all, your staff needs a safe environment to work in. This will ensure their comfort and security. There are certain best practices you need to follow to keep employees safe in the workplace. Provide training in health and safety, proper hygiene, and social distancing. Put the needs of your employees first and be flexible. If possible, considering staggering office hours or remote work.

Protect your staff

Another way to protect your staff is by offering them a health insurance plan. The easier way to do this is to outsource to employee health insurance management services. You won’t have to handle the administration and they’ll ensure your employees are giving the best option for them according to regulations and requirements. 

Ergonomic equipment

Whether your employees are coming into the office or working from home, it’s imperative that they use an ergonomically correct workstation. If they’re working remotely, you should provide them with the right equipment if you have the resources. This includes a chair with proper support, ergonomic monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Otherwise, they could experience repetitive strain injury, eye strain, or back problems due to poor posture. If you want engaged employees, the most important thing is to consider their health and comfort. It’s difficult to be productive using an uncomfortable workstation. 

Facilitate regular communication

Facilitate regular communication at work, by holding regular group meetings and one-to-one sessions. If you want to improve team communication, lead by example. Hold daily catch-ups to ensure everyone is on the same page. Share feedback on any progress made and give your employees plenty of opportunities to flag any issues or challenges they may have either to the team or to you individually. You should also invest in the latest video conferencing and product management software, which will help to boost collaboration even when working remotely. 

Team-building activities

Another way to improve collaboration and overall morale is with team-building activities. This is also a great way for remote workers to get to know each other and develop valuable partnerships. It’s important to ensure the activities you choose are inclusive and will be enjoyable for everyone involved. Here is the ultimate list of team-building activities to give you inspiration.

Personalized training programs

It’s essential to invest in the professional development of your staff. Your employees may not feel motivated otherwise. Continual professional development is a way to boost employee retention. More qualified experienced staff members will also be a valuable resource for your business. One way to identify any areas for improvement is to conduct a skills gap analysis. This will help you discover any gaps in your employees’ knowledge or experience. You can then organize training sessions accordingly. Hold one-to-one meetings with your employees and ask them about their professional goals. You can also take these into account when creating personalized training programs.

Invest in well-being

Focus on encouraging awareness of staff well-being by organizing a virtual well-being week. You can book interesting sessions through qualified speakers. These can be about different topics such as managing work-life balance, awareness of mental health at work, and the effects of stress or pressure in the workplace. You can have your sessions customized for your business and organized to fit into your schedule. Well-being activities are designed to boost morale and productivity among staff members. Explain to your employees the purpose of these sessions and how they will raise awareness of different issues related to well-being.

Encourage feedback

Encourage feedback from staff on all areas. This includes any activities or training sessions you  organize for them and everyday issues at work. There are also several staff feedback apps and tools you can use to collate and analyze information. There are even options to take feedback anonymously, which some staff members might appreciate. It’s important to understand the style of communication each individual member of the team prefers. Be sure to act on the feedback you receive by acknowledging it and taking employee options into consideration. Work closely with individuals and plan follow-up sessions after any feedback has been taken or given, to monitor progress. 

Empower your staff

If you want engaged employees you need to make the effort to empower your team. This means involving them in decision-making and allowing them to make their voices heard. Inspire your employees to feel free to experiment and take action. Listen to their insights and opinions and give them the chance to make a real difference in the company. Offering training and professional development is another way to empower your staff. Give them opportunities to try new things and lead on projects that relate to their professional goals. This will help to engage their curiosity and keep them motivated.

Rewards and recognition

There are several reasons why employee recognition is important for both your staff and your business. By recognizing a job well done, you’re showing that you value your employees and the work they do. You don’t necessarily need to offer big rewards such as large bonuses or a promotion every time, but a little recognition goes a long way. Decide on a reward system that works best for your team, whether it’s a small gift or more responsibility. You’ll motivate your staff to be more productive and they’ll bring more enthusiasm to the job. The more you aim to improve employee satisfaction, the more engaged they’ll be.

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