Traffic Genesis with Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly

Traffic Genesis with Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins and Laura Betterly

I just finished watching the new video from Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins for their new traffic generating flagship course called, Traffic Genesis, which will also includes training from Laura Betterly (Mobile Local Fusion fame etc.)

Their first video is just under 50 minutes long so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back with a pen and paper to learn some methods to help you drive traffic to your sites.

Inside they, as always, entertain and educate and teach us about some of these big items that helped them generate over $10 million in sales with their Video Genesis, Genesis Labs and Webinar Jam in the last year alone.

  • You will find out about the “Face Slap” that could be coming your way.
  • You will also see what “Marry me” advertising is.
  • You will learn what it means to “scent” your ads
  • You will find out how NOT to lose your traffic “to the ether” but instead guarantee that you capture 100% of the clicks that land on your page and be able to “boomerang” them back to your offers
  • You will also find out why you should never give a trial offer in the beginning, though why it is sweet to give one after so many days

As always I found myself laughing at parts as Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are funny guys…who of course know their stuff.  Top this off with Laura Betterly helping to run the course on Traffic Genesis and you have a hat trick of awesomeness coming your way.

The course opens up on June 10, 2014

Find out more about Traffic Genesis here now and get the full details on all the bullet points I made above

Dave Gardner

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