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This past August, I traveled down to Orlando, FL, to take part in the Marketing Mayhem event and had the pleasure of listening to Brian G. Johnson.  He was not actually one of the presenters, though he played in integral part of the weekend as he took part in the pre-event VIP Q & A session and was well versed as a respondent with many of the speakers, often releasing sign s of humor to keep the crowd lively.

While there, he also gave out a copy of his book, Trust Funnel, and signed it for those in the crowd, and I have been going through it little by little the past two weeks or so, finally finishing it over Thanksgiving break…Oh wait, that is a lie as I still have to go online to access the hidden chapter!  The learning continues to live on for sure and this is a huge marketing lesson and one I want to add into my existing book in the lacrosse niche as well as others I produce in the future.

Huge Marketing Lesson With Trust Funnel by Brian G. Johnson

The whole idea about leaving a chapter out, causes greater engagement in the viewer and builds your list.  Especially if you purchased the book through Amazon (as you can below) you might not be in touch with Brian G. Johnson, though the book acts as a huge call to action to get the missing chapter and thus opt into subscriber base, which will allow him to teach more, engage more and develop know, like and trust more, all while also being able to promote other products and services to the list down the road.

As someone who has been building his business online part time for a few years now, a lot of this book was full of content that I am familiar with, though that does not mean it it any less important.  It is always beneficial to refresh what you know as well as get ideas of presenting things in another way to keep things interesting in growth, so there will be some ideas I will be able to implement, especially in his steps laid out in regards to blogging.  You can always learn something new and get something useful.

If you are just starting out in online marketing, then I would highly recommend his book as he does go in to great detail about the steps needed to really get started online in today’s marketplace.

You can grab your copy of Brian G. Johnson’s Trust Funnel by clicking the link or images above and below!

Trust Funnel: Leverage Today’s Online Currency to Grab Attention, Drive and Convert Traffic, and Live a Fabulous Wealthy Life

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