Using Create Space to self publish your book

Using Create Space to self publish your book is where you can get more information on marketing like, Using Create Space to self publish your book.

Create Space is a free to use self publishing platform that you can easily upload your work into to create a book to use as a lead builder, or profit generator.

Create Space is a subsidiary of Amazon and you can also easily list your books in the marketplace and/or kindle ebook sales.

You can also pre-order your own lot of books to see from your home, live events, trade fairs of similar, though I like the fact that you can just drop ship with them as well.  When someone makes an order off of your own personal website, just log into your Create Space account and complete the shipping details and you are done, never having to touch, package  or ship a book.

Be sure if you are using this method, you take into account the shipping fees when someone buys the book through your own website.

If someone finds your book and buys it through, you will not be able to get the purchases contact information, so make sure any call to action or contact information you want the buyer to see is written in your book.  This may include but is not limited to support, facebook fanpages, website information, email contact etc.

You can be up and running with Create Space in no time and publishing your own works of art and have them delivered in less then 2 weeks.

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