Wealth and freedom living the laptop lifestyle with Daven Michaels at Marketing Mayhem 2014

Wealth and freedom living the laptop lifestyle with Daven Michaels at Marketing Mayhem 2014

Daven Michaels Marketing Mayhem

Having stayed up late one night at a previous marketing event chatting in the hallway of a hotel down in Long Island, NY and getting to know Daven Michaels a little, I was excited to learn that he was also going to be speaking at the JV Zoo Marketing Mayhem 2014 event in Orlando Florida that took place in August 2014.

We both belong the the Mike Filsaime mastermind and one of the awesome parts about that as well as this event is the ability to get together with leaders and get to know them on a personal level as well as learn some awesome strategies that they are using to continuously grow their businesses.

Daven Michaels main company, 123 Employee, is based on the whole idea of outsourcing, which amounts to having other people do things to free up your time so that you can do things you want to focus on or enjoy doing.  These could be simple things like keeping your email inbox clean and forwarding you the most pressing email questions in a summary email, or uploading videos and sharing them on the net.

There really is a lot you can do with outsourcing, though you still want to find a happy balance in engaging with others so people can still get to know you.

One of the key points he made in regards to growing a business was the idea that you should not work with people who do not have money.  This is obvious as they will never be able to grow their businesses as well.  It would not be very easy for someone to promote your product the correct way if they have not invested in their education and correctly set up advertising…which of course costs money!

One social media strategy that was shared by Daven Michaeals which is just one piece of the puzzle which has lead him to wealth and freedom living the laptop lifestyle is using LinkedIn networker groups.  He shared some of the key outsourcing steps that his team takes to develop relationship and set him up with appointments of people who are vested into their growth and want to continue to improve:

  • Add contacts in the group
  • Search the network for prospects
  • Send them messages sharing your mutual goals and getting to know them
  • Ask for referrals
  • Post articles/valuable content in the group
  • Start conversations with meaning
  • Post questions related to your field
  • Help to manage groups

With a little help in training your outsources, you could easily be working on your passions as some basic and sometimes tedious work gets accomplished for just a few dollars per hour.

You can find out more about outsourcing through his book, Outsource Smart, which you can pick up on Amazon or by clicking the banner below.

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