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Why Customer Retention Is Such A Problem For Businesses

Why Customer Retention Is Such A Problem For Businesses

Spend enough time in business and you will quickly learn that growth, success, and profit aren’t just about winning new customers over. They’re about being able to keep the customers you have already won, as well. Generating a second sale from an existing customer requires significantly less investment than converting a new one, so why do so many businesses have a problem with customer retention, and what can you do about it?

Keep in communication with them

If you can increase your ability to reach the audience that you have built up and to deliver messaging that is relevant to them, then you can ensure that your brand sticks in their mind and that they’re less likely to forget you or your products and services in the future. While a lot of outward-facing communication is focused on sales, social media is particularly effective at helping you better focus on the relationship that you have built with your audience, and can be used to water it, much like a plant, with good, engaging content.

Remember who they are

Customers don’t want to feel like another in a long list of numbers. They want to be treated as individuals, with their own needs and minds. If you’re able to remember your customers and even personalize your services towards them, they can feel a lot more respected as a result. With Zoho Implementation, you can use customer relationship management software to do just that, saving relevant data on customers and making sure that it’s integrated into things like your sales and email marketing processes. In turn, you can generate a lot more loyalty and goodwill.

Ensure that you’re taking on feedback

Customers are going to have concerns and questions, no matter how good a customer experience you can provide them with. Making sure that you have a strong customer support process can ensure that they feel heard and can allow you to remove the many barriers that might stand between them and a second sale. If you’re able to answer feedback in a public forum, such as responding to critical reviews in a way that seeks constructive resolutions, it can do a lot to improve your reputation, too.

Earn their trust

Most importantly, you have to do a good job to make sure that you’re able to earn their trust in the first place. No amount of good communication and focusing on making your customer feel good is going to undo a bad product or bad service experience. As such, you should always be focusing on what you can do to ensure the quality standards that they expect. Systematizing how you deliver your products and services can ensure a decent level of consistency across the board, and you have to always be ready to go back to the drawing board when it’s just not working.

The long-term health of your business is much better guaranteed by focusing on the customers that you already have than those you don’t. Don’t like a dog that gets distracted by a bone after they already have one. Consider the strategies mentioned above.

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