Winning the Dot Com Secrets Journal Protege Challenge for Russell Brunson and Dot Com Secrets X

I am very proud of Winning the Dot Com Secrets Journal Protege Challenge for Russell Brunson and Dot Com Secrets X!

I was even more stoked to find out that I would be a featured story in Russell Brunson’s full color print marketing journal that gets mailed to thousands of readers on a monthly basis!  Yeah, that is me holding the September 2012 edition!

Dot Com Secrets X Kenya Contest winner David Gardner with his Featured Issue and cover

Dot Com Secrets X Kenya Contest winner David Gardner with his Featured Issue and cover

Here is a video of me and Russell together over in Kenya as well saying our thanks!

I can’t believe I have been back for almost two months already since taking yet another “trip of a lifetime”  Having spent time in the Peace Corps and doing an internship in Central America…I have been blessed to experience a few of these lifetime trips!

You want to know what it all boils down to?


I take action when things present themselves that I am highly interested in, like travelling to far off reaches of the world to help out.

It is as simple as that!

If you took some action, I am sure you would start seeing results as well…Just try not to get frustrated if the results do not show up instantly.  For example, with the Dot Com Secrets X course, I did not make a ton of sales, but I made more than normal and even more importantly, I have used the knowledge gained in the course to continue to build my subscriber list, where I can continue to promote other products and services.

I am also taking everything I learned and applying it towards solving other people’s problems and teaching them how to be successful.  I would hardly call myself anything remotely near the level of a guru, like Russell Brunson, Armand Morin, David Frey, Stu McLaren and others that I had the pleasure of hanging out with for 10 days in Kenya…but some of the things I picked up from them have worked out very well for me.

By sharing certain knowledge with others, relative newbies are greatful for my help and this is the first part developing that relationship that leads to the “know, like and trust” category where they will be willing to buy from me when I complete my first product in a certain niche!

I just completed and published my first lacrosse book called “The Commandments of Lacrosse” and you can bet your life I have been implementing many thing that marketing has taught me along the way…and yes, I can even make changes and update it when the technology changes or new methods of marketing come about.

It again is all about taking action and revising later…or we could also point out the ideo of the “Ready, Fire, Aim” mantra that is on the sign I am holding in the video with Russell Brunson!
One thing is for sure…If you act on something, you will see results in one way or another…Your lack of action however will guarantee you no results…that is something that I just will not settle for and you should take it upon yourself to not settle for as well!

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