Without ice Please

Without ice Please

Have you ever gone into a restaurant
and gotten screwed on your drink
because of ice?

You know, they fill the whole thing
up with ice and then put about 10%
of the volume of the glass with
the actual liquid.

Then then charge you about 100X
more for what it is worth…

Yes, even if they filled it up it would
only cost them a few cents and they
charge you anywhere from $1-3.

They are making a killing and
giving you hardly anything in return.

I have been on vacation for the past
week down in Charleston, SC which
is why you have not heard from
me in a week of so.

I have always stressed to my duaghters
that they should ask for their drinks
withOUT ice as they are going to get
more bang for the buck.

Especially if you do not get free refills!

Who wants to keep getting iced in
their marketing.

Not me, nor do I want the same for
you and that is why I have a two
part Ice special here.

Part 1: Come join me with the tools
and software that is going to help
you grow, build a list and get the most
value.  Tools you must have if you
want to build an engaged list


Part 2: Join me with Vanilla Ice as he
rocks the house at the Marketing Mayhem
Live event at the end of this month
in Orlando Florida.


Marketing Mayhem Live

Not only are you going to hear from
over a dozen top marketers in the
world, like Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime,
Tom Beal, Armand Morin and many others
you will also get to network with
hundreds of people for 4 days

Be sure to grab your VIP Tickets to gain
more exposure and bonus mastermind

I like being cool, but not getting screwed
over in value and these two are some
of the biggest values online in this
day and age.

let me know what questions you have
or how I can service you here!

I got one more day left before we head
back north to cooler climates for a
couple weeks before Mayhem strikes!

Make today freaking awesome!

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