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Eyewash Splash

As I was teaching the other day at Solvay High School, one of the students asked me about the eyewash station and if he could rinse his face in it.  This was more out of boredom than the fact that he might actually have something in his eyes.  I figured I could at least show him how it works and be able to test it as well to make sure it was still in proper working order.  They always want to pull the safety shower, but like most schools, the floor drains end up being the highest part of the […]

Raking Leaves and Body Aches

I finally got around to raking up the rest of the leaves today.  It was a nice  65 or so out, which is quite warm for Mid November.  I was actually sweating  as I was out there loading up pile afer pile onto the tarp.  I had originally raked on Veterans Day as that was nice as well, but did not bring any to the roadside so that our town may pick them up.  At least they and others in the community will be able to benefit from my hard work when they decompose and can be spread as compost  elsewhere. It […]

Hello world!

Welcome to My New Blog.  I will be putting a little bit of everything up here as time progresses into the future.  I have had quite an amazing run of experiences thus far in my life, between jobs I’ve held, to travels overseas working as  Peace Corps Volunteer, being a painter, science teacher, Lacrosse coach, father to 3 girls, salesman, marketer and more.  I hope you enjoy these posts and I look forward to your comments and responses as well.