3 Marketing Platforms to Promote LiveGood

3 Marketing Platforms to Promote LiveGood

3 Marketing Platforms to Promote LiveGood

In this video I give an overview of three major platforms that have multiple streams of income that you can use to promote LiveGood (or in some cases any opportunity)

In order discussed in the video

Easy Commission Funnel (coming March 1, 2024) will have 3 income streams:

https://llpgpro.com/r5bz4znk/ (NOTE: The new funnel link will be updated after March 1!)

A) LiveGood: http://JoinDaveGardner.com

B) Sendshark Email Autoresponder: https://sendshark.com/launch/ecfunnel?id=davegardner

C) Internet Income System: https://my.internetincomesystem.com/ref/davegardner

Profits Passport (live and has up to 7+ income streams)


A) LiveGood (see link above)

B) Get Response Email Autoresponder: https://www.getresponse.com/?a=barefootpainting

C) Udimi: https://udimi.com/a/z53n4

D) ROI Panel: https://roipanel.com/secret?aff=98&src=TDG-3-Marketing-Platforms

E) My Lead Gen Secret: https://www.myleadgensecret.com/?rid=16041

F) Capture Page Builder

G) Bonus page builder

Multiple Income Funnel (also live and had 4+ income streams)

A) MIF-Platform: https://www.multipleincomefunnel.com/cpfb2/davegardner/TDG-3-Marketing-Platforms

B) LiveGood (Or choose your own company): See Link above

C) Got Backup? (Or choose your own company) https://gotbackuptour.com/launch/special?id=davegardner

D) Traffic Authority: https://r1.trafficauthority.net/davegardner

Regardless of which one you choose, they all have the opportunity for multiple streams of income. You can order them all or add pieces as you grow your business, though do your due diligence and choose what is best for you and your budget.

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